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threemancult / ThreeMan Cult 1mo+28dy ago
The Shared Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6YVVcwgQnioUtGASFyhSKi A few quick thoughts as this is shaping up... - I'm only adding TRACKS to the playlist, not entire albums or artists catalogs (this will keep the list manageable with variety, and encourages listeners to explore the collaborating artists / music on the platform) - Please verify that any track link posted DOES have (really, really) at least ONE Kompoz member artist involved - Please include the artists name on KOMPOZ along with a direct URL to the song recommendation for that artist - I'm not A/B checking the artist identities from recommendations, just accepting them in good faith (though anyone is welcome to "police" the playlist anytime to be sure all songs on the list legitimately have Kompoz member involvement) - If you have a favorite song by someone already in the playlist, its totally cool to have multiple artists entries sprinkled thru the playlist - I'm not making any judgements about songs and artists, whatever gets added to the group, I'm basically putting into the list - However... IF the posted URL is for an ARTIST (not a particular song from an artist) then I will either post the song with the most listens, or scrub thru a few of the artist's tracks and pick one Any questions or concerns, let me know. 3ManCult


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