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by SeaRad 1mo+28dy ago


Redfish wrote:

Backdoor breeze

Better open a window

Bottom burp

Cheek flapper

Sound the Colonic Crumhorn

Doing the one-cheek sneak

Fragrant fuzzy

Free jacuzzi

Frequency Actuated Bottom Tremor

Im insane in the methane


One man jazz band

Sounds like a wompus cat

The dog did it

The Sound and the Fury

The toothless one speaks


If you are that embarrassed about it, you can always blame it on me.

I think "Frequency Actuated Bottom Tremor" should be changed to "Frequency Actuated Rear Tremor".

The acronym F.A.R.T.

I remember seeing a video about a guy who turned a fart into music. I found it.

It turned out to be a major seventh arpeggio in the key of B flat.