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PaulM44 / Paul Muns 4mo+14dy ago
Parallel universe? I plugged my mic into the USB and went to Preferences / Audio / Input Device, and clicked it to System Settings instead of leaving out assigned to the mic by mistake. The Output Device was also System Settings. I recorded the flute as usual and when it finished, the waveform was really clean and had silenced the silent areas (I have road noise nearby and spend hours cleaning this out!!). The track actually showed "bumps" relating to the volume without having to Normalize the track in the editor below to see any. It was like what I had been missing for about 6 years of using Logic Pro. I also needed to turn my mic gain down to 2 from normal around 7-8. WHAT is going on? Can anyone explain why I shouldn't use this setting from now on? I can't find any info on what "System Settings" setting means..... Thanks



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sriracha   commented 4mo+14dy ago

What are the System Settings set to? The default IN is the internal Mac mic, and the default OUT are the Mac speakers or headphone port if it detects something plugged in.


xd238   commented 4mo+14dy ago

I once did this on a laptop by accident... it pulled in the room acoustics which sounded great at first, and then, when i was projecting into what i thought was a clip-on mic through my usb interface, all hell broke was using the laptops's built-in mic input...