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lior / Lior Porat 1yr+3mo ago
Please share your experience with music promotion sites. I'll start. 1. Youtube... like Daaa... but less then 10k views per song is more like nothing. 2. Soundcloud... good. i love it and i feel i have a good community there that really listen to my songs. 3. Bandcamp - nice but i couldn't find any real usage unless you think you will be able to sell your songs. 4. FB... going down and down. nobody really listen to our tracks there. They just do "like" to make us feel good. 5. Google+.. hmmm, god knows if it has any impact 6. Instagram... might have some potential to promote your music. i dont know how yet. 7. Twitter... only if you are Trump 8. Spotify... might have good potential but its not easy to promote there. working on that right now ... ohhh and please look for "lior porat" and follow :) ha ha ha ha 9. iTunes... same as spotify. 10.Check Routenote. gives you ability to upload your music for free to many partners. i used it with success. 11. musicindustryhowto - i could not figure out yet if its spam or good articles. 12. Reverbnation - i could not find any usage of it. i will be glad if anybody will say differently. 13. Songtradr - Interesting. check it out. i doubt that any real promotion can get out of it. probably useless. 14. hitrecord - could not find any realy usage And now you... Please share your knowledge.


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aliceminguez   commented 1yr+3mo ago

1. Youtube... my fav because it's free and there's no limit on uploads 2. Soundcloud... nice but I don't get much traffic & I don't like the limit on upload time. 3. Bandcamp - good in theory but so far not popular enough to be useful for me. 4. FB... ehhh. 5. Google+.. IDK, I don't use it 6. Instagram... another one I don't use 7. Twitter... mostly I just get "spam likes/follows" from music promoters looking to earn $$$ 8. Spotify... if you can find collaborative playlists to add your music to, that helps 9. iTunes... Undecided -- waiting on data 10. Routenote... love it 11. musicindustryhowto - never used 12. Reverbnation - I feel like they just want me to pay for their services 13. Songtradr - Never used 14. hitrecord - never used Adding some more.... 15. Indiesound - Like any site, it has its flaws, but I love it and would def. recommend. 16. NumberOneMusic - There seem to be a lot of fake profiles, but still one of my fav sites for promotion despite that 17. CreativeEdgeMusic (blog) - If you are a decent writer, you can submit an article about your band/music/whatever and they will publish it. Recommend. 18. Fanburst - Decent, would recommend simply because it's as easy as clicking on "sync with SoundCloud" 19. Audiobaby - so far useless to me (too obscure) 20. Reddit - there are a zillion subreddits out there where you can post your own music & that's where like 60-70% of my youtube traffic comes from


lior   commented 1yr+3mo ago

Great info 15. Indiesound - i registered but i doubt that it has any traffic/ 16. NumberOneMusic - my guess that all is fake there. is there a way to get a review without paying ? 17. CreativeEdgeMusic (blog) - nice 18. Fanburst - same as soundcloud. i will check it. 19. Audiobaby - useless 20. Reddit - this seem very interesting. i will dive into it.

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kaysirrah   commented 1yr+2mo ago

Since I am not an artist, I don't really use most of the one's that are listed. I have been a longtime members of hitRECord. It's actually a lot of fun and they pay you when they use your material. So that's nice. Also, in the past they have produced a TV show completely from member-generated content. They won an Emmy for it and everyone who contributed technically won the Emmy as well. So because of them, I have an Emmy! (Whoop, whoop!) In terms of promotion though, can't say it has done much. But I've met some cool folks there. I would say as for the other places to sell your music, it is probably best to go to a service that distributes to all the other services. For instance, if you go with something like TuneCore (using them for an example, no experience with them), they will distribute you to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc. So you can manage it all from one place. Once again, not sure it does much for promotion. There are similar services for social media. I would think using a service would be a lot easier than trying to visit all the various sites every day multiple times a day. When would you ever find time to make music? LOL! ReverbNation could be useful since it targets people in the area where you live. So if you gig, they know when and where. Tried to join Routenote. For some reason, I couldn't join after I put all my info in. I can say that I ended up with a lot of porn spam afterwards, so be careful with that one.


dnasurfer   commented 7mo+19dy ago

This was a good read- thanks for sharing

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Magnusxsvanfeldt   commented 7mo+14dy ago

1. Youtube... My musician friends only use YT and say when they do something spectacular like filming a rap song while riding the metro thru the suburb they get 1M clicks but if they just publish a song there're 10 clicks. 2. Soundcloud... After beeing active there a while plays starts to come. 4. FB... Loosing my friends on FB after promoting to many songs. They're no longer interacting with my other FB flew. 6. Instagram... Don't understand how to publish music or links there. Someone pls tell. Taking a photo of a link??? 7. Twitter... getting a lot of interaction there but not any traffic to my music. 8. Spotify... I am in a ton of colloborative playlists that are never played. 12. Reverbnation - I am number 5 in folk/pop/rock in my home town with zero plays. 14. hitrecord - could not find any projects to join but the idea sounds great. 21. Submithub. Submit your music to curators, editors, records companies. Two free submissions per day. Zero respons there. With paid submissions the have to respond. I got constructive feedback om my mix and master but nothing on my songs.