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TARc / Why Share 2 years ago
My two cents and I'm hoping to start a discussion: Internet has made it too easy for people to say they like something. If the majority of users are in for promotion and not discovery (such as in Soundcloud), it doesn't work that well. The thing is everyone on these sites knows it is unrealistic to expect anyone to listen to their tracks unless they themselves are actively contributing to the community, interacting with other artists etc. So the whole Soundcloud site is music makers showing each other fake support/attention in order to promote their own music. In the end it seems everyone is putting in all that effort only to get superficial responses and to end up with a fake fan base. It is an internet trap.


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ShannonB   commented 2 years ago

Soundcloud is just for fun, like every other platform. Serious about music? Find a publisher in Songwriters Market. A new one comes out every year, but now they call them "additions" I think, instead of naming them after the year.


EnriqueCristobal   commented 1yr+7mo ago

You are absolutely right. Only when you share your songs in SoundCloud to people outside SoundCloud you have real audience.