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ShannonB / Shannon Bannister 1yr+10mo ago
I spent some time yesterday organizing my projects in a Word document so that I can get ready to seek publishing. I look at things like whether or not I did any of the actual writing (lyric or melody), what the project is waiting for from me (usually vocal seps for a better mix), whether or not a mix has been done that includes my vocals. If I didn't write any of the song, but only did the vocals, I won't try for publishing, because I didn't really have a part in the composition process. So far I am working through my peterrand stuff, because there have been several with him in which I actually contributed lyrics. When sending to publishers you only need 3 songs, and I am getting really close, just with Peter's stuff. I have some older stuff of mine in various stages of completion that I will be sending as well. The great thing about music publishing is that your product doesn't have to be finished. You just have to be able to get your basic idea across, if you are willing to let someone else take your music and run with it. If you're good enough to get your product published as is ( which I would never be able to do on my own), even better! Another thing in my files is whether on not I have put a song on my SoundCloud. Soundcloud has nothing to do with making money, of course, but it might have something to do with promotion. It's encouraging to get the notification, even if just one person likes your song or is following you. And it's good for keeping all of your music in one place. I only use FB if my vocal is featured.


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