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aliceminguez / Alice Minguez 9mo+28dy ago
Anyone heard of Futurefy? Is it ?legit?? I got this message on SoundCloud: ?Hallo Alice Minguez, are you interested in FREE promotion on our plattform FUTUREFY. ? I found your track right now: We can repost your track and also submit it to our 23k Youtube Channel and Homepage with download gate gathering new followers for you. We do special videos with own brand as you can see here: And also put it on our Playlists on Spotify. If interested we can also sign other unsigned music from you (if this one signed already or so) in the future to our label Futurefy. and tell you more about it. Futurefy is just a brand but we are in music business over 17 years with great connections and wide audience of solid listeners. We do not just put a release out, we seek personally for good music and we are NOT a self-artistpromotion-releasing service. Check our work: Please let me know. Would be cool to start something.? ??- I?m not quite sure what to make of this. Sounds too good to be true. Advice, please??



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offthewall   commented 9mo+28dy ago

I know nothing at all about this type of thing but ..... if someone sent me a message like that with so many spelling and grammar issues I would bin it straight off. No second thoughts!


aliceminguez   commented 9mo+28dy ago

Ha! Unfortunately I?m more forgiving than you on that ? I?m guessing their primary language is not English.

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TheOther   commented 9mo+28dy ago

Yup. Looks like junk :)