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kman / Andreas Thiele 5 days ago
I need some advice on distribution platforms. I was asked to give my IPI-/CAE-Number for distrubution. Unfortunately I don't have one. I don't like to become a member of the German GEMA (where I guess I'd get such number assigned to), because I myself would have to pay if I'd perform my music publicly. And of course there is an anual fee. Looks like Tunecore would create such number for me? offers a distribution service which costs less and I guess they'd also need an IPI? Does anybody know if Tunecore or LANDR create this number for me. Do you have a recommendation in this matter?

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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 2mo+13dy ago
Million$ made on Spotify 2018.....

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aliceminguez / Alice Minguez 3mo+29dy ago
Anyone heard of Futurefy? Is it ?legit?? I got this message on SoundCloud: ?Hallo Alice Minguez, are you interested in FREE promotion on our plattform FUTUREFY. ? I found your track right now: We can repost your track and also submit it to our 23k Youtube Channel and Homepage with download gate gathering new followers for you. We do special videos with own brand as you can see here: And also put it on our Playlists on Spotify. If interested we can also sign other unsigned music from you (if this one signed already or so) in the future to our label Futurefy. and tell you more about it. Futurefy is just a brand but we are in music business over 17 years with great connections and wide audience of solid listeners. We do not just put a release out, we seek personally for good music and we are NOT a self-artistpromotion-releasing service. Check our work: Please let me know. Would be cool to start something.? ??- I?m not quite sure what to make of this. Sounds too good to be true. Advice, please??

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lior / Lior Porat 5mo+17dy ago
Hi 2 U all, i just stumbled into a good website i think it worth a check. i'm still investigating it but i think its something good. check it out and let me also know what you also think.

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ShannonB / Shannon Bannister 6mo+29dy ago
I spent some time yesterday organizing my projects in a Word document so that I can get ready to seek publishing. I look at things like whether or not I did any of the actual writing (lyric or melody), what the project is waiting for from me (usually vocal seps for a better mix), whether or not a mix has been done that includes my vocals. If I didn't write any of the song, but only did the vocals, I won't try for publishing, because I didn't really have a part in the composition process. So far I am working through my peterrand stuff, because there have been several with him in which I actually contributed lyrics. When sending to publishers you only need 3 songs, and I am getting really close, just with Peter's stuff. I have some older stuff of mine in various stages of completion that I will be sending as well. The great thing about music publishing is that your product doesn't have to be finished. You just have to be able to get your basic idea across, if you are willing to let someone else take your music and run with it. If you're good enough to get your product published as is ( which I would never be able to do on my own), even better! Another thing in my files is whether on not I have put a song on my SoundCloud. Soundcloud has nothing to do with making money, of course, but it might have something to do with promotion. It's encouraging to get the notification, even if just one person likes your song or is following you. And it's good for keeping all of your music in one place. I only use FB if my vocal is featured.

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jannik / Jannik Gade 8mo+3dy ago
Hi peeps! Does anyone know how the "Composition Rights" and "Sound Recording Rights" on kompoz relate to performance and mechanical rights? I wanted to register some of my finished tunes and naturally want to give credit to all the great kompozers which have contributed to the music! :) Perhaps someone already has experience with this?

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SimonW / Simon Wright 8mo+3dy ago
Hi, For those who are looking to grow their visibility, I thought I'd mention that I'm happy to include links to your websites/blogs/Soundblend pages on the 'Promoted Artists' page on my website. Won't deliver huge volumes of visits (at the moment anyway) but I guess every little bit helps. I've already got a couple of Kompoz members on the page so you may recognise some of the names. :) Here's the Promoted Artists page. Just send me a message if you'd like to be included.

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TARc / Why Share 8mo+3dy ago
My two cents and I'm hoping to start a discussion: Internet has made it too easy for people to say they like something. If the majority of users are in for promotion and not discovery (such as in Soundcloud), it doesn't work that well. The thing is everyone on these sites knows it is unrealistic to expect anyone to listen to their tracks unless they themselves are actively contributing to the community, interacting with other artists etc. So the whole Soundcloud site is music makers showing each other fake support/attention in order to promote their own music. In the end it seems everyone is putting in all that effort only to get superficial responses and to end up with a fake fan base. It is an internet trap.

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kaysirrah / Kimberley Harris 8mo+19dy ago
Surprised there isn't more activity in this group. There is so much talent here and so much great music on this site! I would think lots of people would be out there promoting and making some money from their art. I know that money isn't always the goal though. Anyway, hoping to interact with others who are interested in film and tv licensing. :)

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lior / Lior Porat 9mo+17dy ago
Please share your experience with music promotion sites. I'll start. 1. Youtube... like Daaa... but less then 10k views per song is more like nothing. 2. Soundcloud... good. i love it and i feel i have a good community there that really listen to my songs. 3. Bandcamp - nice but i couldn't find any real usage unless you think you will be able to sell your songs. 4. FB... going down and down. nobody really listen to our tracks there. They just do "like" to make us feel good. 5. Google+.. hmmm, god knows if it has any impact 6. Instagram... might have some potential to promote your music. i dont know how yet. 7. Twitter... only if you are Trump 8. Spotify... might have good potential but its not easy to promote there. working on that right now ... ohhh and please look for "lior porat" and follow :) ha ha ha ha 9. iTunes... same as spotify. 10.Check Routenote. gives you ability to upload your music for free to many partners. i used it with success. 11. musicindustryhowto - i could not figure out yet if its spam or good articles. 12. Reverbnation - i could not find any usage of it. i will be glad if anybody will say differently. 13. Songtradr - Interesting. check it out. i doubt that any real promotion can get out of it. probably useless. 14. hitrecord - could not find any realy usage And now you... Please share your knowledge.

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