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kaysirrah / Kimberley Harris 10mo+19dy ago
Surprised there isn't more activity in this group. There is so much talent here and so much great music on this site! I would think lots of people would be out there promoting and making some money from their art. I know that money isn't always the goal though. Anyway, hoping to interact with others who are interested in film and tv licensing. :)

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lior / Lior Porat 11mo+16dy ago
Please share your experience with music promotion sites. I'll start. 1. Youtube... like Daaa... but less then 10k views per song is more like nothing. 2. Soundcloud... good. i love it and i feel i have a good community there that really listen to my songs. 3. Bandcamp - nice but i couldn't find any real usage unless you think you will be able to sell your songs. 4. FB... going down and down. nobody really listen to our tracks there. They just do "like" to make us feel good. 5. Google+.. hmmm, god knows if it has any impact 6. Instagram... might have some potential to promote your music. i dont know how yet. 7. Twitter... only if you are Trump 8. Spotify... might have good potential but its not easy to promote there. working on that right now ... ohhh and please look for "lior porat" and follow :) ha ha ha ha 9. iTunes... same as spotify. 10.Check Routenote. gives you ability to upload your music for free to many partners. i used it with success. 11. musicindustryhowto - i could not figure out yet if its spam or good articles. 12. Reverbnation - i could not find any usage of it. i will be glad if anybody will say differently. 13. Songtradr - Interesting. check it out. i doubt that any real promotion can get out of it. probably useless. 14. hitrecord - could not find any realy usage And now you... Please share your knowledge.

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aliceminguez / Alice Minguez 11mo+18dy ago
I could use some advice... I got the following message from Reverbnation: ?Congrats! You?ve been selected to take part in this exclusive beta program, where your song will be included in the Trending Pop Artists playlist. ?The Promoted Playlist will be targeted to fans interested in your style of music through Facebook Ads so you can now get the exposure you deserve. This one week-long campaign is only available to select artists for a limited time. Claim your slow now for $50 before they sell out! ?The Facebook campaign will run from 5/10/2018 until 5/17/2018.? What do you guys think?? Worth the money or not? (I have fourteen hours til the deadline to decide....) I advertised through Reverbnation once in the past and accomplished basically nothing. So I?m pretty hesitant to spend FIFTY DOLLARS without any guarantee of it being worth the money.

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aliceminguez / Alice Minguez 11mo+29dy ago
New obsession: Basically you earn promotion for your own stuff by using your social media platforms to help other artists (of your choice) promote THEIR stuff. Win/win! And there are some seriously awesome artists on there, too :) Some fun discoveries ;) So that is a recommendation ;)

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indierella / Kat Nelson 1yr+3mo ago
Hi, my name is Kat and I just launched my music blog INDIERELLA and I'm always looking to profile and interview great musicians and bands! Follow the link below to submit and you might be my next feature! I'm also on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr (links at the top of the homepage) so follow me for great music and great content!

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dreamcat / Michael Edging 1yr+3mo ago
Distribution Label, Voyage Entertainment Records.

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GagRevolver / Nathaniel Rad 1yr+10mo ago
I created this song for my new demo album of the same name. I'd like to see anyone's remix of this song and have the original .zip file upon request. It could also use new drums and mastering of the original arrangemen Im looking to make a separate album of credited artists remixes to this song. Thank you guys! I look forward to working with you!

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nemonty / NE MONTY 2yr+2mo ago
"Apple Music Leads the Way on Song Metadata ??to ensure songwriters get paid?? by Chris Castle apple-lyrics This is great news from Apple, who is leading the way as usual....with one exception. Apple says to "make sure the ownership of your song is registered with a publisher, and that they have registered ownership with relevant publishing agencies such as ASCAP, BMI, PRS, Harry Fox and Music Reports." That obviously is misleading. First of all, we can't be that surprised that Apple has this impression because as we all know, it is frequently lost on HFA and MRI that neither of them is in fact the government. However, given that Amazon, Google, Pandora and others are sending millions upon millions of NOIs to the Copyright Office claiming to have no idea who owns songs by very well known artists, it should make it obvious that the one place you need to "register" your song copyright ownership is with the U.S. Copyright Office. Why Apple doesn't mention this at all is a bit odd, but it's an easy mistake to overlook. We know that Google is already refusing to take so much as an address update from publishers unless it comes from the "Public Catalog" of the Copyright Office--which is essentially not possible to update unless you have already registered a copyright or recorded a document. Plus Apple omits companies like Crunch Digital, Global Music Rights and SESAC from the list for reasons that are unclear. Even though SESAC owns the Harry Fox Agency, if you're going to mention ASCAP and BMI, why wouldn't you also mention SESAC and GMR? It's also misleading to state that you have to have "the ownership of your songs...register[ed] with a publisher" which may happen frequently, but is not required to enjoy ownership rights. Many artist/writer publishers are simply dbas of the artist/writer anyway that allows the artist/writer to cash a check for the publisher's share of revenue from a PRO. So great that Apple is enabling the delivery of song ownership information, great that they're licensing lyrics, but not so great that even Apple didn't get it quite right. Chris Castle | March 1, 2017 at 16:31 | Categories: Songwriters | URL:

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SimonW / Simon Wright 2yr+4mo ago
Wonder whether anyone has any advice or thoughts on the potential to get lyrics or songs picked up by record labels/bands beyond Kompoz? Appreciate that opportunities may be limited but one of the things I'd like to think of for 2017 is whether there are opportunities for my songs to be heard by a wider audience. I have a few acquaintances who are involved in professional or semi professional music which is probably a good starting point but any other ideas would be welcome to me and I'm sure for lots of people on this site.

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robbyguitar / robby walker 2yr+6mo ago
please tell me what you think

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