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NewGenerationRecordz / New Generation Recordz 3yr+8mo ago
Check out our website, we're asking for feedback and would appreciate your time. Thanks!

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Brannon / Brannon Hedgcoth 3yr+9mo ago
I am impressed with this guys methods.

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Brannon / Brannon Hedgcoth 3yr+9mo ago
Here's a link to a blog entry by Ari Herstand. "How To Get Songs Placed On TV And In Movies"

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osiebrown / Oz The Producer 3yr+9mo ago
Crowd Sourcing -- Exposing your need for money... Anyone done it successfully? I would like to start a conversation on how people go about letting a larger community of people know you need cash to finish your project or to even advertise your products. Can anyone name some good and helpful strategies for starting a crowd sourcing campaign?

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HeavyHeadDynasty / Ash Starr 3yr+10mo ago
Sold out -

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SteveMisik / Steve Misik 4yr+3mo ago
Hi for everybody, a quick salute for you. Hope in the future I will find here some good cooperations. Keep on creating :)

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FUNKYBONESMusic / Gaz Benno 4yr+3mo ago
Hi guys, has anyone sold any tracks anywhere, i tunes,, etc and if so can anyone give any advise on the best ones. Cheers people

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GbBeat / Gb Beat 4yr+6mo ago
Hi guyies, check out my new recording on soundcloud, tell me your views about it. Check It Out Now!

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adamrsweet / Adam Sweet 4yr+7mo ago
I've been in the music industry in western MA since the early 1980s. It used to be possible to make a living as a musician playing clubs and doing local concerts, but no more. Local venues have realized they can have musicians play for free, or for a pass the hat scenario, making money off of their efforts if only by providing "LIVE MUSIC" to their customers. Now, 30 years later, the only way to make a living as a musician is to teach and to play weddings and corporate events. I enjoyed Matthew Moran's piece and have been reading the blog. Thank you! There are lots of great suggestions there for traveling musicians, and for musicians that are willing to take a full time job so they can play their music. But for those of us who want to focus on music, there have to be alternatives. I have a couple suggestions. These are things that work for me: 1. Figure out your niche. For me, it's Celtic music and Weddings. Discover the best aggregators for your niche: the place where your clients congregate, create a profile and pay for the service. For me it's WeddingWire and GigMasters. Yes it's expensive, but it pays off in gigs almost immediately. 2. Use free as much as you can. Someone suggested you make CDs and give them out, or sell Tshirts. I say that's an expense I cannot afford. Instead, I use Youtube (FREE) instead of CDs, SoundCloud (FREE). I also like Craigslist for advertising local, specific offerings and lessons.

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thekeyboardwizard / Richard Brown 4yr+9mo ago
Looking for Songs/Production for Fast & The Furious 7 Soundtrack Music plays from top to bottom so opportunity for anything hot. The last movie one spawned a 3 million selling single ("We Own It" with 2 Chainz & Wiz Khalifa) and sold 300k with no promo. The goal is 1mil+ albums and many millions of singles. Looking for tracks (some w/ hooks) and great songs. The film is based in LA and Abu Dhabi and needs lots of anthemic rap, hip hop, and hip hop influence electronic music (no R&B). Think Dr Dre/Eminem, Drake, Kanye, MIA, Major Lazer, Glitch Mob, YG, Skrillex, Naughty Boy, DJ Snake, etc. I am more into the Skrillex type of music but am open to other genres if the track is worthy. If you are interested let me know but you really do have to be at the top of your game to get in on this one.

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