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Kadje5 / Kevin Dallas 2mo+6dy ago
How do I reclaim my ownership of SONAR ARTIST? My last desktop ended up having it's hard drive erased.

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hollieolson / Hollie Olson 9mo+16dy ago
I still use Sonar Artist back when I paid yearly. I know Bandlab took it over. Today I had VST's disappear. Scanning for them, they are gone and I evened search my VST folders like they're gone. Weirdly I had to update my driver for my Focusrite interface for an issue in Adobe Audition, that is now working better. But then the VST problem showed up. The VST's is not a huge issue, but when I did some searches I landed on Bandlab. I tried installing it but got this error twice. (attached) I was wanting to check it out without uninstalling my Cakewalk Command Center and Sonar Artist. So perhaps that is the hangup? Has anyone else made the switch? I can worry about plugins later as long as I don't lose my True Pianos that one is expensive. Any thoughts on it are welcome. THANK YOU!

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Nimrod / J W 10mo+22dy ago
Bandlab is growing on me daily the live shows are killer with all these poor Djs in isolation streaming daily

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Nimrod / J W 11mo+5dy ago
Good bye Sonar, they are not even returning emails any more. Guess it's time to start looking at Studio One or Pro Tools.

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Kadje5 / Kevin Dallas 1yr+2mo ago
I use ASIO4ALL with my CAKEWALK/BANDLAB DAW. I have an ongoing problem with latency. How can I set up ASIO4ALL so that i can rid myself of this affliction?

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hollieolson / Hollie Olson 1yr+12mo ago
I use Sonar Artist. I have a Roland JunoDS that I have some sounds on I want to use as MIDI so I have it setup as an external sound generator and it is playing the MIDI notes with its patches. Along with the MIDI out/in of my Focusrite interface going to the Juno, I have an audio cable from the Juno to the input of the interface. Now my question: How do I bounce the MIDI track to turn my MIDI into Audio? When I do it the usual way, it tells me there is no sound with it. I added the audio input, and highlighted both the MIDI track and the audio track it is on. It doesn't give me the no sound error but just doesn't bounce any sound. Help? THANK YOU!!

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MustaphaSnooze / Fred Jones 3 years ago
I'm not sure what you would call this, but a friend of mine came over yesterday and asked how he can use Sonar X3 to perform loop recording, at least that's what I think he meant. This is how he explained it:- He has a drum kit, that he wants to make a recording of 6 bars, 1 and a half bars (IE 1 bar and 2 beats) would have the instrumental intro, then the remaining 2 beats of the 1st bar would be the drum lead-in, then a steady beat for 4 bars, but the 3rd and 4th beat of the 4th bar would be a drum fill-in, then he would stop playing and the computer would continue as if in a loop while still recording the loop, then, while the loop is still playing, he would record another track for as many bars as needed, then stop, and the computer would play both tracks that were just recorded, then another track is recorded, etc etc,,,, all without stopping the software and hitting rewind, or without completely recording the full bars of drum beats. Is this possible using sonar X3? I have seen it done on a you tube vid, where someone just presses button, recording a 4 beat sequence, then the machine continues playback while he records another track, all without stopping.

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hollieolson / Hollie Olson 3yr+3mo ago
Have you heard that Sonar is going away? Gibson who bought out Cakewalk in 2013 is discontinuing all the updates, although, it will work for a while. Bummer, I know Sonar so well but it's time to learn something new I guess.

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hollieolson / Hollie Olson 3yr+8mo ago
I have hung on to my Windows 7 for as long as possible, not a fan of Win 8 or 10. But looks like I am due to have a new computer built. I have Sonar Artist which I buy on the yearly plan. Anyone have 7 and then 10? Were there issues? Not just in Sonar working well in 10, but with projects you made in 7 and now opening them in 10. THANK YOU

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hollieolson / Hollie Olson 3yr+9mo ago
I have Sonar Artist as well as use Adobe Audition for mixing and such. But quick question, anyone know of an effect or combo of effects in Sonar that would make a robot voice? I have use some walkie-talkie effects with some flange and it's close but I just can't get what I want. Thank you!

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