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Hotjams / James Watson 4mo+26dy ago
Gain staging made EZ in Studio One

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Octorez / Kelly Miller 5mo+24dy ago
I enjoy learning from this guy. This instructional video is very informative. Sharing to this group because It has helped me better understand certain aspects of Studio One.

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Spark240 / Tim Morris 10mo+18dy ago
My home studio with Presonus gear ;-)

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Hotjams / James Watson 11mo+19dy ago
Sound variations/keyswitches

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Tommyguitar / Tom Fischer 1yr+1mo ago
Thinking of getting Studio One 5 Pro for my pc. I've been using Mixcraft for years, and use a little Reaper now. Mixcraft has always had stability problems with my pc. Reaper seems real stable, but I miss the low mid and high EQ knobs on the mixer that Mixcraft has. I have a PreSonus 1824c interface so Studio One would probably be a good choice. I like simplicity but clean recordings. Right now I am recording on a Tascam DP24 and importing the wav files into Reaper, no latency issues. Mastering in IK Multimedia TRacks 5. I tried the Studio One Artist a little bit, that came with the interface, and liked it. My fear is that the main problem I have recording is the PC rather than Mac. Any PC users with Studio One out there happy with the DAW?

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Calderon / Ambrose Newton 1yr+2mo ago
I wasn't going to bother watching this Joe Gilder episode. The title sort of didn't really grab me. But wow! I am so glad I watched it.

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rwl6935 / Bob L 1yr+2mo ago
Hey there! Is anyone seeing an issue while running an instrument VST since the latest update? The problem I'm seeing is when when I go to export a mixdown of a song the Instrument VST will not play. It seems to be a disconnect between midi and the instrument VST. The problem is intermittent and requires a restart of the project to remedy the situation. Thanks!

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Hotjams / James Watson 1yr+2mo ago
Studio One 5.2 is here and it's a big update. The new way of using Keyswitches within VST libraries is amazing.

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ReggieB / Reggie Bouffard 1yr+3mo ago
does anyone use a studio live mixer in their studio ? i'm wondering if its really made for studio use, Thanks Reggie

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BurntWill / Burnt Will 1yr+5mo ago
See me writing a song from scratch in 60 minutes completely in StudioOne including virtual instruments for drums, bass, metal guitars, only vocals are recorded as audio, rest of the rock song is created with plugins in S1 5.1

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