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Jorgephoenixx / Jorge Burrage 3 years ago
I have Studio One Pro X64 and Notion 6 plus extra loops and plug-ins. But Ive got to watch all those 100 videos first AUGH. Excited to finally have world class software, like $800 worth, almost 50 gig of downloads. Still love Sound Forge, but my Sonar SW is long in the tooth. Hope Studio One editor is similar to Sound Forge. I play electric [and acoustic] violin and have almost given up on joining serious musicians WITHIN DRIVING DISTANCE IN PHOENIX !! and who are drug free. Phoenix is extremely congested now and neighborhoods are cutoff due to driving times. And playing a Unicorn instrument doesnt help. So, anxious to get onboard and watch enough videos to start using the loops. I get errors though for Visual C++ 64 something on some plugins error 1638..?? Sage smudging the 'puter and burning incense for healing. Main web is 37 songs n videos if curious.



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AlexanderK   commented 3 years ago

Hello Jorge, seems like you're suffering similar traffic like we have in Houston. When it used to take me 30mins to get to rehearsal now it has moved to about an hour in traffic. I am on Studio One ver.2 (although I have ver.3 but haven't installed yet). Plenty of tutorials online, but if you're coming down from Sonar, you should be fine. I used Sonar before I did this last transition, it was other words if you know Sonar, you would have no problem using this one. You might actually be surprised how non-convoluted S1 is in comparison. Only thing I miss from Sonar is the complex midi options. Sometimes you need to go deep in midi and S1 still can't do most of it, especially scoring.


FEAL   commented 2yr+10mo ago

Hello Jorge. I am just coming back to Kompoz after a while. How are you and S1 getting along ? I have the latest version and am still learning how to use it. I have seen on videos that you can customize a lot of controls. I hope you discovered that too. See you around the site.