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beethonin / Tony Munoz 4mo+25dy ago
Hi all. How do you work to create a song? Let me explain myself, I only play the keyboard so to make the arrangements of drums and electric guitars I have to write each note and I never reach the satisfactory result or it consumes me too much time. How do you do it? I put it in this group because my DAW is Cubase Elements 8. Thank you very much.


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lifeguardlloyd   commented 4mo+14dy ago

Do you have a midi keyboard?

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beethonin   commented 4mo+14dy ago


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phraser   commented 4mo+14dy ago

Some drum packages contain sounds and patterns. Patterns can be auditioned, selected and "drag and dropped" onto a track. Editing can be done afterwards.

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beethonin   commented 4mo+14dy ago

On drums I asked if you were working in a more practical way. Electric guitars, not acoustic, rhythmic, how do you do it?