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RGBass / Rob Glass 3yr+3mo ago
Hi Folks! Tech question here for any of our experts... When Cubase reports the latency of my setup(ex 6.12ms as found in one of the settings/menus), will it automatically correct for this? Or do I have to manually adjust the -offset of the recording? Just trying to have what I play come out as close as possible in the recording as far as timing..Cheers All:)



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antonklinkt   commented 3yr+3mo ago

would that be concerning latency of your vst/vsti? or do you mean the latency of your I/O device?


DocDaFunk   commented 3yr+3mo ago

It's the ''global'' latency and no Cubase ain't compensating , try to set a larger buffer and u'll hear it clearly but a 6ms is considered as a ''no latency'' but there's a compensation options if u want

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antonklinkt   commented 3yr+3mo ago

if its a matter of getting cubase to record exactly in time to the sample level: -create a synctone track -record that as audio.(connect headphone out to line in) -measure the difference (set cubase transport to samples) -in cubase , devices-> device setup->tick the box -adjust for record latency- and input the measured difference. usual delay in this region is well below 1 ms...

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Harpline   commented 3yr+3mo ago

Issues around latency can become...........'complicated'. If you want a simple quick and 'dirty' 1:1 answer then click the "Constrain Delay Compensation" button top left hand corner under the 'File' tab. (I'm assuming you're using ASIO?) This will give you a direct input BUT it will also stop most of your plugins working on the record track while you are recording. No big deal really. Simply record then tun it off.

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RGBass   commented 3yr+3mo ago

thanks lads for the quick and concise replies! this gives me a much better clue as how to handle it

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ragin9rfan   commented 3yr+3mo ago

So if I'm understanding this question you are playing/recording to a track already in Cubase? I had this problem forever until I figured out a way to just simply "listen" to what I'm playing(guitar) coming into my DAW right at the input of my system( which in my case is my RME FF400) and "monitor" playback of the track I'm playing to at the same time. This way there is Zero latency and it's WAY easier to play and not worry about timing issues. I guess some would call this Direct Monitoring? All I know is I turn off the "monitor" of the track I arm to record the incoming signal so I just hear the scratch track and what I'm playing over it. Hope this off a question via PM if you need more help with this.