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phraser / John Guitar 2yr+12mo ago
New updates for: Cubase 9.5 HALion 6 Halion Sonic 3.1.0 Wavelab Elements



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shivshivshiv   commented 2yr+12mo ago

Thanks for this. I wonder what the difference between halion sonic 3 and 3.1 is. There is no info on that.

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phraser   commented 2yr+12mo ago

Under the HALion 6 update the version history pdf mentions Sonic and notes the following: HAL-3292 HS 3.1 HALion Sonic allows now to export presets to an arbitrary folder on the system outside the MediaBay. The save dialog allows to specify MediaBay tags so that the preset can later be added to the MediaBay including all relevant information. It may be this that requires the version refreshment.