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lifeguardlloyd / Lloyd Plueschow 1yr+10mo ago
Looks a bit abandoned here. I have gone to CB 10. The two new cool features I love are the pitch correction which (IMHO) makes AutoTune a thing of the past and the vocal track alignment. I love a great deal more but these jump out. Anyone else moved to CB 10? Opinions? L



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phraser   commented 1yr+10mo ago

Yes CB10 loaded but had little time to check it out thoroughly:)

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antonklinkt   commented 1yr+10mo ago

Sounds like a guaranteed method for alienating any good Perfect for making mediocre ones palatable tho'.


Uygar   commented 1yr+10mo ago

I ve upgraded to 10 from 8. No issues so far regarding performance. The main reson I ve upgraded is the pitch correction though i havent used it yet...