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sedanchair / Steve Neve 2mo+14dy ago
How do I use kompoz files in Cubase 8.5? Had the strange idea they were audio files but they will not load as such.

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PositiveFuturist / Maia KK 2yr+7mo ago
Hey Kompie veterans, Weirdly, when I just tried to upload a sample MP3 a short while ago to a new collaboration I've started, a Kompoz error message said the file is too large - it's only 23.7 meg. I tried twice. I've got several collaborations going so it's not a new process to me, and yet I still feel like a bit of a noobie in lots of ways. It is a longer piece; the others have been no more than 7 minutes long while this one's around 13 minutes. Weird because in the past when I've uploaded wav files they're a bigger than that. Is there anything I'm missing here? I'm going to split the sample into two files as an immediate thing, to catch the wave of first upload featured, however, I would like to change it to one file. (It's a dance thing, with increase of tempo.) Thanks in advance :)

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HannahHesse / Hannah Hesse 5yr+5mo ago
Hello Mentors I made beautiful collabs thanks to kompoz but I'm still quite lost, it is a little complicated for me... I realize what I'm really looking for is to form a "real" virtual band with regular collabs and a long term project. I guess I kinda thought that by joining kompoz and throwing in some music it would naturally work out but it did not... So what should I do? Thanks a lot for your help

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SteveMisik / Steve Misik 5yr+5mo ago
Hi for everybody, a quick salute for you. Hope in the future I will find here some good cooperations. Keep on creating :)

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jceverest / josh everest 5yr+6mo ago
I am a little confused on the copyrights. I do want projects shared with all collaborators and everyone have equal rights to my projects. I don't have a sense of it being "my project" but more of a group effort and want it shared. Which copyright would I use to protect the collaborators efforts and have everyone the same rights to it. What does everyone else use?

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jceverest / josh everest 5yr+7mo ago
Has anyone had the problem of the playback on your collaborations page playing very slow and distorted? Anyone know a fix for this?

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GbBeat / Gb Beat 5yr+9mo ago
Hi guyies, check out my new recording on soundcloud, tell me your views about it. Check It Out Now! https://soundcloud.com/gb-beat/devil-on-her-shoulder

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Vixster / Victor Brabble 6yr+2mo ago
I have a "mentoring" question about licensing. I do understand the different types available through this great site and for most part anything that I submit for collaboration is for everyone's enjoyment as that I don't have the desire to benefit financially for making music. I only make music for my enjoyment and that of my family and friends. With that said, I do have a song that I wrote as a tribute for U.S. servicemen/women (the song could be applied to any nationality). My goal is to eventually upload the song to iTunes with 100% of the proceeds going to a charity which helps wounded vets (I spent 23 years in the military and I plan on auctioning off a custom made patriotic themed tele guitar copy on eBay with proceeds going to the same charity). Although I will not benefit from the song financially, hopefully money will be raised. What is the proper route for licensing on Kompoz with that in mind because I would love to get help from vocalists and anyone else who wants to contribute? I was thinking I could donate the rights to the organization also. Regards Vic

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Vixster / Victor Brabble 6yr+2mo ago
I am ready for some "mentoring". This noobie (in every aspect) has taken the plunge. I uploaded my first piece. http://https://www.kompoz.com/music/collaboration/446634 As this truly my first musical first-born, I give it to the community to raise it it right. So let me know if I can quit my day job (I already know the answer - I would just have to find another job) Regards, Vic

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Vixster / Victor Brabble 6yr+2mo ago
Hello everyone my name is Vic and I live in the Tucson area of Arizona in the USA. I am very excited to learn from everyone here as that I have very basic understanding of music theory and level of instrumental fluency. I am self teaching myself piano, guitar, bass, drums, lyric writing, composing, arranging, music production, mixing and mastering (I want to learn harmonica and wish I an sing too but my plate is full - duh). My playing skill level is beginner at the very basic level (I love playing pentatonic scales/licks to blues backing tracks). I can read simple music notation (due to piano lessons as a kid), guitar and bass tabs. Drum notation, not so much - but i try to duplicate what I hear. I am also trying to develop my aural skills, but that is challenging as well. I am pretty determined when to it comes to learning new things. What is my goal? I just to make music that sounds good to me and get to a point where I can make good music with others who share the same passion. I spent hours last night listening to some the most awesome music that I have ever heard from people from all over the world. I am so amazed and inspired and I'll admit that I am intimidated but I am ready to take the plunge because Kompoz is something that I really want to be a part of. I know practice is the key to improving, but surrounding myself with people with this much talent will have to rub off and help me as well. Sorry to ramble, but thank you for letting me be a part of something special. Best Wishes, Vic

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