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TheOther / Tom H 9mo+5dy ago
I'm wondering if anybody knows of a decent Clavinet (free plug or sf2)? I can find plenty of cheesy ones, but they're not even worth messing around with, lol.



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MustaphaSnooze   commented 9mo+5dy ago

Have you tried this one? And this one, scroll down the page a bit and look for the Clav 1

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MikeyMojo   commented 9mo+5dy ago

Tricky clav is the best of the free. It's only 32bit though.

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TheOther   commented 9mo+5dy ago

I did try tickyclav, but it just didn't sound good to me. Maybe I'll try spending some more time with it, or add some processing. Thanks :)


YANNKIF   commented 9mo+4dy ago Free good night


MustaphaSnooze   commented 9mo+4dy ago

@ TheOther What sound system do you use? if it's the computer's internal sound, and you are using Windows 10, I suggest disabling all the sound enhancements such as EQ, Environment and especially Loudness Equalization, this will ensure a true sound, but then again, try to use ASIO which bypasses any of the Windows sound devices and talks directly to the sound hardware, but there is a price when using ASIO4ALL, you can not use any other sound device while using ASIO4ALL, as ASIO takes control of the hardware, but using ASIO you get a true sound coming from your DAW without any enhancements between the DAW and the speakers, and you hear exactly what your DAW sends out. I used to use ASIO with Cakewalk Sonar X3 and there is a huge sound difference when using ASIO and using Windows drivers. I have loads of free VST's and some are crap, but the VSTi's such as a VSTi for the Hammond B3, sound so realistic that you would think an actual Hammond was being played. Check out his:- Was the keys played using an actual Hammond or a VSTi? And was this one performed with an actual guitar or a VSTi?

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TheOther   commented 9mo+4dy ago

Well, I'm running on an older pc, win 7, on-board sound, asio4all driver - which all works 99.5 percent of the time. But from what I've been reading about Windows 10 I am glad I don't have all of those problems :)