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MikeyMojo / Mike Cordray 5mo+14dy ago
Here are a few of the holiday Freebies I have come across. Plate Reverb from Arturia Celestial from Acustica Audio Raum from Native Instruments Black 76 from IK Multimedia


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nemonty   commented 5mo+14dy ago

I downloaded & installed the Arturia reverb, be advised you will need a lot of patience as their servers are either overloaded or very very slow.


aliceminguez   commented 5mo+13dy ago

I had the same experience. Also had to restart my computer a couple of times for some reason. Hopefully the plugin ends up being worth it :)

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TheOther   commented 5mo+10dy ago

So... what's the verdict on the Arturia plate verb ? Was anyone able to try it yet :)

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TheOther   commented 5mo+10dy ago

Well, I was able to get it and install without a problem. The mad rush must be over.