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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 3 days ago
NI KOMPLETE Start Native Instruments has a new completely free library of 16 instruments.

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TheOther / Tom H 9 days ago
'Surge' subtractive hybrid synth. If you need some analog type sounds/noise you can probably find them in here. Comes with over 1,000 presets which are grouped and a gazillion knobs to tweak. Easy install :)

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LeRoc / Bert Smit 9 days ago
I just downloaded the free samples from this page: Gonna play around with them a bit this evening.

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TheOther / Tom H 18 days ago
Anybody messing with Cakewalk by Bandlab (free) ? I just noticed they upgraded it with a few enhancements and a ton of bug fixes. Also, if you've been looking for a downloadable help file - as I've been - your search is over: * 1,700+ pages. Yum :)

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MikeyMojo / Mike Cordray 3mo+6dy ago
NOT FREE - But really good deal. Hey friends just thought i would pass on a nice plugin deal.. today only get SPL Vitalizer for $29 with code 24H-sPL-viT-29 I bought and it is really nice. Makes everything sound better. Its kinda of like an exciter.

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paranoia / Tsvetomir Ivanov 6mo+5dy ago
Decided to study some Sound Design and I struggled to find a proper user friendly free Synthesizer. Well I finally found one. HELM

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nemonty / NE MONTY 6mo+8dy ago
This has probably been posted before, lots of free plug-ins.

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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 6mo+18dy ago
Sounds interesting .......... In my forced hiatus I've been scarfing up a lot of free plugins. This one is a spacial plugin that sounds really interesting if it actually delivers...its Sennheiser who I have been a fan of for years, so I think its likely this is a good plugin. (The third one on the right)

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paranoia / Tsvetomir Ivanov 6mo+27dy ago
Idk of anyone posted this. Anarchy Drum Kit by it might get loud is for free. Subscription needed. It is not the best when it comes to useability but all the other free drumkits aound the same to me. This one is kinda different.

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sriracha / Billy LeCoq-Mauvais 7mo+9dy ago
Friday Free Plug-in - SSD5 Free From Slate Digital

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