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sriracha / Billy LeCoq-Mauvais 1yr+4mo ago
Softtube's Saturation Knob free today: It does require you have a gobbler account as that's their delivery mechanism. Not an issue for me as I've got that for the Slate Audio stuff, but I can see that being the only deterrent. As an aside - Logic Pro has gobbler share support in it, which is cool.

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insub / InSub Beckley 1yr+4mo ago
NOT A PLUGIN, but Cakewalk by BandLab is FREE! This is the new name for SONAR and now it's totally FREE. I think BandLab plans to make money through in-app purchases. This may be the best free DAW available, starting TODAY! I think that Cakewalk is Windows ONLY. The previous best free DAW is probably Tracktion T6. Their ethos is that you will like it so much that you will purchase Waveform, their flagship DAW. T6 is cross-platform for all you Mac & Linux users. I, personally, am an avid REAPER user, and I don't plan to change DAWs, but I thought this information would be useful to others! REAPER's trial period is ENDLESS (technically 60 days, but can still use for free with just nag screen upon load). REAPER is also cross-platform. So, Mac and Linux (via WINE) users can use REAPER, and it can be installed in a Portable Version onto a flash drive, etc.

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paranoia / Tsvetomir Ivanov 1yr+5mo ago
Can't remember the last time I was with a cup of coffee and cigarette in front of the PC. Wife is out with the kid and I'm having a nasty flu. So since I don't have any wish to pick up a guitar I will use the time to share the free plugins I use on almost every mix. 1. Tokyo Dawn TDR Nova - great EQ with band compressor. TDR VoS Slick EQ - multi purpose EQ TDR Kotelnikov - Great mastering processor and compressor Heavy CPU usage. 2. Sonic Anomaly All of their plugins are good and free but the QuadraCom Mastering Processor is the difference maker. Leet Delay 2 and SEGX Gate 2 are also pretty good. Transpire can also do the job on the transients on sep tracks if you don't wanna use QuadraCom on the master bus. Medium to Heavy CPU usage. 3. Dead Duck All of their effects are great but the DD Channel is the best. Its a all in one Gate, Compressor, 4 band EQ, HP LP Filter and limiter and it has an order of things selection. The plugin itself is heavy on CPU but it saves you 4 plugins CPU space. Great for drum seps. I haven't tried their synths cuz I just found out they have ones but I will. Also just saw the Deesser... will be checkin that out also. Medium CPU usage. 4. Effect bundles. I use mostly DD and Reaper plugins but I often go to other sources when I cant get what I want out of them. I can strongly recommend: The BlueCat Effect Bundle: Chorus is more than awesome! The Togu Audio Line Bundle: Great Effects! Both of their Reverbs are awesome. Phaser and Vocoder are also good. Definitely worth Checking out. I'm new to MIDI but I will be checking out their synths most definitely. ATK Toolkit: When it comes to stereo enhancement and chain compression these plugins will provide. GSVT Pack: Now I don't like their basic FX and tools but they have some handy unorthodox plugins. Like the GGrain and Gtuner :D Synths: I am new to this and I am on 64bit PC so I cant really recommend nothing more than the Full Bucket Music synths. Some good vintage Korg sims there. Ragnarok is also really fun. Guitar and Bass tone: Now here is a tricky part. When it comes to this I go all the way of experimentation but the most common techniques I use when it comes to getting a good SOFTWARE tone is DI->Ampsim/FX->IRCabSim. DI - Direct Injection Raw signal from guitar pickups. Ampsim - Amp Simulation aka Virtual Amp FX - some legendary effect sim like the Boss DS-1 IRCabSim - Impulse response cabinet simulator. It will be hard for me to explain what that is just watch this video: Now... if I use the DI of my instrument I more often than not go to these ampsims and FX: Lepou Amp Sim Pack - has some good sims of legendary amps. For FX pedals I use the TSE sims of Ibanez Tube Screamer, the RAT 2, and BOD Bass Drive - IDK what that simulates! Distorque audio offer a good fuzz and distortion pedals... sim of the MXR Distortion + and that Round funny looking fuzz! Cab IR Sim. Now if you are running 32 bits I strongly suggest the Lepou Cab sim. But since I am 64bit for a while now I use the Ignite Amps NadIR. It supports up to two IR samples and it has some cool features. Ignite amps have some other cool plugins like the Emissary amp sim, SHB-1 Bass tube amp and some other cool preamps, stompboxes and tube EQs which I don't use at all. Now their website is hacked but you can get some of their products from here: Now for the Cab IR sim you will need IR samples. The guys from Studio Nord Bremen provide good quality free samples that can get you started. Can be downloaded from their website: And lastly DRUUUMS: MT Power Drumkit by Manda Audio - nothing better for free! All is explained on their website That's it from me. Hope this helps people! All of the listed above are 64bit plugins. IDK if all of them are MAC or AAX supported. Check them out.

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nemonty / NE MONTY 1yr+5mo ago
Just came across this free EQ, good until March 18.

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nemonty / NE MONTY 1yr+6mo ago
For the Harrison Mixbus users, here is a free license for the XT-EQ. If you don't know about Harrison Mixbus, it's a great DAW for mixing.

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MikeLucas / Michael Lucas 1yr+6mo ago has some free loops...

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RickvanMeijel / Rick van Meijel 1yr+6mo ago
I use some nice free plug-ins from DSK: . The ChoirZ (choir and pad sounds) and Virtuoso (orchestral sounds) in particular. They also sound pretty professional, so definitely check it out!

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insub / InSub Beckley 1yr+8mo ago
Last chance for NI's Christmas gift. Phasis is free until Jan 1, 2018! It's a phaser plugin. And, you can get a $25 eVoucher, but it expires on the 1st as well! HURRY!

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TheOther / Tom H 1yr+9mo ago
I recently re-discovered this sampler - formerly by yellowtools, now Magix. Yeah, kinda old skool, but It comes with 2GB sound library full of some sounds that are pretty good for general use. Acoustic & Electronic Drum Kits,Acoustic & Electric Basses. Acoustic & Electric Guitars.Electric Pianos. Synthesizers.Ethno & Tonal Percussion.World Percussion. Pipe Organ.Arpeggiator.Groove Instruments.Arranger.Step Sequencer. Registration is required but not very complicated - they just need your e-mail addy.

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puzzlevortex / puzzle vortex 1yr+9mo ago
heres a free vocal tuner i just found

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