Introduction to tracking: Best practices for achieving a great mix

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billraydrums / Bill Ray 7 months ago
Hiya! I'm really enjoying this site and have been playing on various songs, in the interest of keeping my skills sharp and stepping up my production game. Drums (and bass) are the "concrete slab" on which the house is built upon, so I wanted to offer some suggestions "from the trenches", in regards to things a drummer would want to see included in the project. Please list your tempo: I'm not sure if that's a field that can be filled in, as I've not really created a project (only contributed). It would save me time in the long run. If your tempo is something odd like 118.4, it would be best to include a click file within the project. This is also a good idea for compositions that have shifting tempos. And having a separate click file allows the individual to control its volume. Drumless, bassless, guitarless, etc. versions of files: If you wish to see those instruments added: Playing over the top of a drum machine track or preexisting instrumental performance can be distracting. Some songs were composed without a click. A good song will stand up on its own feel-wise, and sometimes trying to quantize things kills the vibe. If that's the case and you're asking for a certain instrument to play on top of the bed tracks provided, please make a note that it's "natural time" so no time is wasted in chasing down the tempo with a click. I would recommend a click though for 99% of your compositions, as in this collaborative format, it unifies everyone in a common manner and also makes editing far easier should you wish to do so. Anyhow, I look forward to creating some cool stuff with you all! ~13

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AmyStark / Amy Stark 1yr+1mo ago
Hey everyone, I have written a song, basically lyrics, and am now just needing some music to complete it. It's down here if you want to check it out. I'd love to collaborate with anyone of you. Just lemme k ow if you are interested. Thanks, Amy Stark

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Harpline / Peter harp 2yr+4mo ago
** Pink Noise ** I suppose a lot of people on here will just yawn and know instantly what I'm talking about when I say 'Pink Noise', right? For me I've only recently been introduced to it and started to play around with it. My question therefore is; "is anybody else using this on a regular basis, if so, how, when and where?"

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GagRevolver / Nathaniel Rad 3yr+4mo ago
I created this song for my new demo album of the same name. I'd like to see anyone's remix of this song and have the original .zip file upon request. It could also use new drums and mastering of the original arrangemen Im looking to make a separate album of credited artists remixes to this song. Thank you guys! I look forward to working with you!

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fuserproducer / Sebastian Ziolkowski 3yr+7mo ago
I suggest have a close look to Pensado's (also on YouTube)Dave Pensado is multiplatinum Grammy Awarded Sound Engineer sharing his over 30 years of professional experience. He's list of his top notch music industry clients is really impressive. Dave hosted top recording, mixing and mastering engineers, always gave us some tips and tricks about recording, mixing and mastering techniques just for free.

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MarkinSeattle / Mark Hinderliter 3yr+10mo ago
Hi folks, I'm a new user here. I play my own fingerstyle arrangements on a cedar top nylon string guitar. It has a piezo pickup, and for my first two collaberations I recorded straight into Sonar Artist dry, no eq. I'm not happy with the sound of my guitar, to me it sounds kind of garbled and muddy. My question is - what's the best way for me to go? Should I try to learn more about tracking, try a different guitar, invest in microphones to record my guitar with, or just pay for studio time so I can get a good sound without having to do it all myself?

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Levander / Mikael Levander 3yr+12mo ago
Remixing Pitch Black's "Without the Trees" Part 1 Just started watching this remix series. So far he has uploade 9 parts. The first part is 5 and a half hour long. The latest part uploaded on youtube yesterday is almost 10 hours long. :D This will take me ages to watch. :) Peolpe who make videos like this are fantastic!

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Levander / Mikael Levander 4 years ago
Gain staging for a better mix This was quite good for me simply because I have cubase. This gain staging thing is like a mystery for me. I've gotten so far as to record and not peak over -12. But after all my tracks been recorded to audio (I work with vsts) I've just begun to work with the different drum tracks, usualy begin with the kick and put it at about -14, then I add the other drum parts, then the bass so it fits with the kick and the drums, then the vocals and all the other tracks. I never used gain staging before doing this. I've done everything wrong I suppose.

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ronnychindc / ronny charles 4yr+2mo ago
Hi folks, 1st time here. I have a question maybe you can answer. Specific to CAKEWALK SONAR Home Studio, anybody here work with that ? I've just started using the console, and it has a very weird and disturbing habit of forcefully tearing the slider out of my control when i'm trying ti set the channel volume for any track. In other words, what i'm saying is that right off the bat, the volume sliders are being controlled by maybe an automation track or something similar... and when i'm trying to set volumes, the damn slider tears out from my mnous and screams up to MAX or MIN vol. ... I've tried to get a decent answer from the CAKEWALK site , but apparently theier online service is a lame list of FAQ's and that's about it. Any ideas?? Any SONAR users out there ? thanks in advance. Ronny Charles

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insub / InSub Beckley 4yr+8mo ago
Check out this Chord Namer tool: You can use this tool to figure out your chord names, to make chord charts for your songs, which will make it easier for Kompozers to join your collaboration! Give it a try! The tool is totally free!

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Created May 17, 2014 by dogbizkits

The aim of Introduction to tracking is to provide anyone with a set of guidelines on the best practices to 'get it right first time' for distance collaboration. Learn how to track properly and avoid wasted hours of avoidable re-tracking because of mistakes and bad habits. Learn the golden rules that will get you consistent sounding tracks which should make your collaboration experience more enjoyable. Get your questions answered here.

Because this is a discussion forum with a specific purpose, It would be appreciated if links to mixes aren't posted here for the purposes of showcasing or asking for a critique. Thanks in advance.