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Sterling / Jean-Marc Tessier 1 year ago
I've been using Studio one and Logic Pro for the last several years. I finally tried Reaper and followed some of the videos posted on their website. I'm impressed with the customization and workflow so far. Action Items and video editing is well implemented too. One thing I've noticed are missing themes. In version 6 many of the custom themes are omitted. Is there a link to download extra content that might be available... Thanks! JM :)

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m3roadworx / Ole Kirkeby 1yr+2mo ago
I have submitted a post to the Reaper forum about a major issue. One in five MIDI notes are not recorded. With my setup it works fine with Reason and Waveform. Justin replied but then disappeared. The problem is bad enough that I have had to switch DAW. It shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes to try to reproduce it, so if somebody here is willing to have I go at it, I would very much appreciate it.

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SidiousSounds / Ronnie Day 1yr+4mo ago
(Reaper) stupid question maybe... but when i want to split a layer... It splits all the layers... how do I split just the one layer.... also, once you have a bunch of split up layers, and you want to fade them out, how do you "group" them back together... I have tried selecting them all and hitting "G" to group, and I have also tried that plus "healing" them... no idea.. hope this made sense. Thanks in advance. new-ish to reaper.

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BergR / Ryan Berg 1yr+7mo ago
Did the latest windows update screw up anyone elses audio configuration.? Mine just vanished.. Da farken!!!!

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cis0123 / Jeff Ewing 1yr+7mo ago
new to Reaper, just switched from Pro Tools. So far some things are far easier to do. The UI initially seemed a little bare, but turns out most times didn't really want all the extra on screen status - just wanted a way to get at a function. Loads of key accelerators for common actions. For the price, its well worth it so far.

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aliceminguez / Alice Minguez 2yr+6mo ago
Why can't I fade out some MIDI tracks?? It only works some of the time -- seems to depend on which virtual instrument I pick. No clue what the difference is. I found a sneaky way around the problem ("render track to stem/mute original" and then fade out the newly created stem), but it's kind of a pain and I'd really rather not have to go through that extra trouble.

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aliceminguez / Alice Minguez 2yr+8mo ago
Help! Whenever I try to update Reaper, I get this error message. Clicking "ignore" just makes the same error pop up for different files over and over again. I've never had this problem before....

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calidada / Charlie M 2yr+9mo ago
Need Drums and possibly rhythm guitar, etc

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LeRoc / Bert Smit 2yr+9mo ago
I'm using REAPER with free plug-ins. I'm looking for ways in which I can add reverb to recordings of my trumpet but keeping the attack. A trumpet is an instrument with lots of attack. When I add reverb, the sound gets brighter (I like that) but it also drowns out the attack of the instrument quite a lot. How can I prevent that? I haven't downloaded a lot of reverb plug-ins yet. Currently I'm working with REAPER's built-in ReaVerb and ReaVerbate, TAL Reverb 4, OldSkoolVerb and DX Reverb light. I'm definitely not an expert; mostly I'm just turning knobs at random. Looking for tips, either with these plug-ins or with other (free or cheap ones) on how I can add reverb, but keep the attack. Cheers.

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SmithandFischer / Tom and Jackie Fischer 2yr+10mo ago
I have Reaper and believe it to be a better DAW than what I'm using now, Mixcraft 7 Pro Studio. Other than being slow in the mental department learning Reaper, I would like to have a mixer in reaper with treble, mid, and bass knobs for each track. Am I missing something in the standard template layout the I could make appear, or is there another template someone has created that would have this?

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