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BergR / Ryan Berg 3mo+4dy ago
Did the latest windows update screw up anyone elses audio configuration.? Mine just vanished.. Da farken!!!!

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cis0123 / Jeff Ewing 3mo+5dy ago
new to Reaper, just switched from Pro Tools. So far some things are far easier to do. The UI initially seemed a little bare, but turns out most times didn't really want all the extra on screen status - just wanted a way to get at a function. Loads of key accelerators for common actions. For the price, its well worth it so far.

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aliceminguez / Alice Minguez 1yr+2mo ago
Why can't I fade out some MIDI tracks?? It only works some of the time -- seems to depend on which virtual instrument I pick. No clue what the difference is. I found a sneaky way around the problem ("render track to stem/mute original" and then fade out the newly created stem), but it's kind of a pain and I'd really rather not have to go through that extra trouble.

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aliceminguez / Alice Minguez 1yr+3mo ago
Help! Whenever I try to update Reaper, I get this error message. Clicking "ignore" just makes the same error pop up for different files over and over again. I've never had this problem before....

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calidada / Cali Beach 1yr+5mo ago
Need Drums and possibly rhythm guitar, etc

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LeRoc / Bert Smit 1yr+5mo ago
I'm using REAPER with free plug-ins. I'm looking for ways in which I can add reverb to recordings of my trumpet but keeping the attack. A trumpet is an instrument with lots of attack. When I add reverb, the sound gets brighter (I like that) but it also drowns out the attack of the instrument quite a lot. How can I prevent that? I haven't downloaded a lot of reverb plug-ins yet. Currently I'm working with REAPER's built-in ReaVerb and ReaVerbate, TAL Reverb 4, OldSkoolVerb and DX Reverb light. I'm definitely not an expert; mostly I'm just turning knobs at random. Looking for tips, either with these plug-ins or with other (free or cheap ones) on how I can add reverb, but keep the attack. Cheers.

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SmithandFischer / Tom and Jackie Fischer 1yr+6mo ago
I have Reaper and believe it to be a better DAW than what I'm using now, Mixcraft 7 Pro Studio. Other than being slow in the mental department learning Reaper, I would like to have a mixer in reaper with treble, mid, and bass knobs for each track. Am I missing something in the standard template layout the I could make appear, or is there another template someone has created that would have this?

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stoman / Steffen O 1yr+9mo ago
ARA for REAPER is coming! Hooray! :)

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PositiveFuturist / Maia KK 2yr+3mo ago
Hey Kompies, Noobie across the board I be, clueless with DAW, muddling my way through! I'd really appreciate knowing why when I used a VST plugin for vocal reverb, it sounds just right as I listen while playing with the settings of the plugin, but once I record it and listen back it's exaggerated and over the top. Have tried it with ReaVerbate and also OldSkool. Re Output, totally clueless and guessing (after I Googled without success), I have tried output multi-channel (with and without latency reduced) as I have 4 tracks of vocals, and tried stereo and mono. I figured if I kept trying different ones I would eventually work it out ... then I thought, hey, I could always ask on the forum! I'm guessing that's where the main issue is (using logic...?) Also, I would like to brighten the vocal - it sound a bit thick (recorded with a quality Shure headset mic). After playing with various settings I haven't been able to crisp it up. Any suggestions uber-appreciated. Thanks, Maia :)

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LeRoc / Bert Smit 2yr+4mo ago
I've been using Reaper for about two years now, and I'm still learning on the go :) For a Kompoz song, I wanted an analogue synthesizer sound, so I downloaded this one: It has a nice fat sound, just what I needed for this song. I basically turned all the knobs at random until I got the sound I liked. Now to get the notes, I am entering them in Reaper's piano roll. So I'm not using a midi keyboard or anything like that. But here's the thing: I want to play a note, and then it goes smoothly down an octave. Like a trombone player extending his slide. I hope you understand what I mean. How would I do that? Can the synth I downloaded do that? Or do I need another plugin to get this slide? Or can Reaper do it itself? Thank you.

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