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aliceminguez / Alice Minguez 26 days ago
Help! Whenever I try to update Reaper, I get this error message. Clicking "ignore" just makes the same error pop up for different files over and over again. I've never had this problem before....

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calidada / Cali Beach 2 months ago
Need Drums and possibly rhythm guitar, etc

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LeRoc / Bert Smit 2mo+10dy ago
I'm using REAPER with free plug-ins. I'm looking for ways in which I can add reverb to recordings of my trumpet but keeping the attack. A trumpet is an instrument with lots of attack. When I add reverb, the sound gets brighter (I like that) but it also drowns out the attack of the instrument quite a lot. How can I prevent that? I haven't downloaded a lot of reverb plug-ins yet. Currently I'm working with REAPER's built-in ReaVerb and ReaVerbate, TAL Reverb 4, OldSkoolVerb and DX Reverb light. I'm definitely not an expert; mostly I'm just turning knobs at random. Looking for tips, either with these plug-ins or with other (free or cheap ones) on how I can add reverb, but keep the attack. Cheers.

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SmithandFischer / Tom and Jackie Fischer 3mo+8dy ago
I have Reaper and believe it to be a better DAW than what I'm using now, Mixcraft 7 Pro Studio. Other than being slow in the mental department learning Reaper, I would like to have a mixer in reaper with treble, mid, and bass knobs for each track. Am I missing something in the standard template layout the I could make appear, or is there another template someone has created that would have this?

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stoman / Steffen O 6mo+19dy ago
ARA for REAPER is coming! Hooray! :)

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PositiveFuturist / Maia KK 1 year ago
Hey Kompies, Noobie across the board I be, clueless with DAW, muddling my way through! I'd really appreciate knowing why when I used a VST plugin for vocal reverb, it sounds just right as I listen while playing with the settings of the plugin, but once I record it and listen back it's exaggerated and over the top. Have tried it with ReaVerbate and also OldSkool. Re Output, totally clueless and guessing (after I Googled without success), I have tried output multi-channel (with and without latency reduced) as I have 4 tracks of vocals, and tried stereo and mono. I figured if I kept trying different ones I would eventually work it out ... then I thought, hey, I could always ask on the forum! I'm guessing that's where the main issue is (using logic...?) Also, I would like to brighten the vocal - it sound a bit thick (recorded with a quality Shure headset mic). After playing with various settings I haven't been able to crisp it up. Any suggestions uber-appreciated. Thanks, Maia :)

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LeRoc / Bert Smit 1yr+1mo ago
I've been using Reaper for about two years now, and I'm still learning on the go :) For a Kompoz song, I wanted an analogue synthesizer sound, so I downloaded this one: It has a nice fat sound, just what I needed for this song. I basically turned all the knobs at random until I got the sound I liked. Now to get the notes, I am entering them in Reaper's piano roll. So I'm not using a midi keyboard or anything like that. But here's the thing: I want to play a note, and then it goes smoothly down an octave. Like a trombone player extending his slide. I hope you understand what I mean. How would I do that? Can the synth I downloaded do that? Or do I need another plugin to get this slide? Or can Reaper do it itself? Thank you.

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harperjohn / John Rogers 1yr+3mo ago
I did not see an easy (or any way) to "search" through this forum so at the risk of asking a FAQ... here goes :) I am using Reaper with my Zoom R16 as the audio interface. Reaper sees all input channels, and the faders/transport/etc controls work nicely, but the playback is not good. I "googled" this and I followed the suggestion to max the buffer size to the maximum setting... but playback still has lots of pops and clicks. Incidentally, when I play the same audio file back through Audacity and other mp3 players on the computer, the sound is fine... Any ideas? Thanks!! :)

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enabler / Scott Thomson 1yr+11mo ago
Hi folks, I wonder if any of you have come across this issue before on Reaper? I have recently bought a basic laptop (Still a Pentium and running Windows 10) for travelling with and downloaded and installed Reaper. On my old laptop I had no issues. With this new one, every time I move the cursor over tracks, all tracks flash up OFFLINE for a few seconds. This has got hugely frustrating very quickly. I have tried closing all background apps but it's not helping. I have also tried both 64 bit and 32 bit versions. Any ideas?

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jjt / JJ Thiele 2 years ago
Hi! I am experiencing some frustration getting a particular plugin to work in REAPER (latest version, downloaded and installed today). The plugin is the Hypersynth Miniak-editor. It's supposed to communicate with an external Akai Miniak synth via MIDI to make programming it easier. Obviously for this a MIDI interface is needed, and mine is an Akai EIE. The Miniak does not have a USB interface, so it's connected to the EIE with MIDI cables. The EIE is connected to the computer using a USB cable. So first of all, I had all of this working on an old MacBook: REAPER, Miniak-editor, the whole thing. Also, there is a standalone version of the editor which works fine in my new environment. And now I've moved to a Windows 10 PC. The problem is that when REAPER is configured to send and receive MIDI via the EIE, opening the Miniak-editor plugin and attempting to set its MIDI OUT to the EIE results in an error message stating that the device is already in use by this or another application. Strangely, I am able to set the EIE to be the MIDI IN device in the plugin, just not the MIDI OUT device. If I go into REAPER's MIDI setup and disable the EIE as a MIDI device, then the Miniak-editor is able to use the EIE for MIDI OUT. This is less than ideal, though, since I would like to also send regular MIDI data to the devices (including to the Miniak) connected to the EIE interface. A really strange thing is that if I open REAPER and open the Miniak-editor plugin, I am not able to set the MIDI OUT device but I *am* able to open the standalone editor and configure *it's* MIDI OUT device successfully, even with REAPER and the plugin running. So it seems to be something inside of REAPER that is preventing access to that device from within the plugin. I also have a Novation MiniNova and similar plugin for that. I'm using those over USB, which comes up as a different MIDI interface altogether, and I am not having similar problems there. I'm able to play a MIDI loop to the synth and, while that's going, open the editor, make changes, and hear the changes applied in real-time. So the concept is possible, but for some reason it's not working with the Miniak-editor. For testing purposes, I've disconnected the MiniNova from the system. I do not have any control surfaces attached or configured. I have tried both the 32- and 64-bit versions of REAPER with the same results. The Miniak-editor plugin is a 32-bit VST. For my attempts to get this to work, I have been using an empty project with a single track using the Miniak-editor plugin. It does not seem to make any difference with regard to this problem what the inputs and outputs are for that track. Setting up the EIE as a MIDI input/output device within REAPER and playing or recording MIDI tracks to/from the Miniak without using the plugin works fine. Any ideas? Thanks! JJ.

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