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Staffan / Staffan Karlsson 5yr+8mo ago
Hi Guys! I hope Santa gave you what you wanted. Is this project dead and left in the cold?

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Staffan / Staffan Karlsson 6yr+3mo ago
http://https://www.kompoz.com/music/workspace/list/4480 This is a list of all songs i could find

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Staffan / Staffan Karlsson 6yr+3mo ago
Is it possible to put all our finished tunes and lyrics and so on On this page under files? I thought it could be a good idea if, it isn't too much problems What do you think guys? I find it quite hard to follow things around here nowadays and also invite Harald and Matt

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SUEBEE / Suzann Baldwin 6yr+3mo ago
Just let me know if you need any lyrics.

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