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Tonybluestone / Tony Pappas 11mo+10dy ago
Great channel

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DonaMoth / Dona Moth 4yr+5mo ago
Bonjour à tous ! Merry Christmas to everyone !

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joeyalomar / Joey T 5yr+11mo ago
Anyone using Cloud Collaboration in PT 12.5?

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Distortedminds / Will K 5yr+12mo ago
Anyone using Cloud Collaboration in PT 12.5? Would be nice to collaborate on a project using their collab tools, then upload the mixes here.

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joeyalomar / Joey T 6yr+5mo ago
What's going on with Avid Everywhere? Is it available? Cloud Collaboration??

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nemonty / NE MONTY 6yr+7mo ago
I posted updated information on the Pro Tools FIRST software download as well as the APP PT Control for iPad remote controller software under new Forumhttp://

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Sterling / Jean-Marc Tessier 7yr+3mo ago
Pro Tools is going subscription based? I read that pro-tools will be forcing a subscription plan from V12 on @ $199/year, $599 PT HD. What are your thoughts? The only new software feature they've added to PT12 is track freeze which is already done in other DAWS.

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Sterling / Jean-Marc Tessier 7yr+3mo ago
Hi, I've been using Cakewalk Sonar for the last several years and started working with pro tools 11 these last few months. Gibson bought out Cakewalk from Roland and the Tascam line of products. They were starting to push subscriptions for renewals with little to no updates on the software itself. I started migrating my projects from cakewalk to pro tools then started rebuilding tracks from overdubs and new plugins. What got me to change editors was the 3rd party plugins finally migrating their drivers to aax64 compatibility (like IkMultimedia Sampletank 3.0, Amplitude 3.0 & Native Instruments Kontak 8 bundle). Everything worked well on the PC side, then I decided to try it out on the Mac which is quieter with faster startup times. I have both an IMac (2010) I5 Quad Core and a new MacMini I5 dual core... The compatibility is great, performance seems a little more demanding because of the slower processors. I did have a problem with Guitar Pro 5 from Native Instruments on the Mac that nagged me all day. Pro Tools would lock up every time I launched it with a project embedded with this plugin. I re-installed it about 4 times then found out through a google search that there is an issue between PT11.3 and Guitar Pro 5. Both Avid and Native Instruments are working on a fix, but someone mentioned deleting the "Avid CoreAudio plugin" from the library/audio folder which fixed the problem (at least until there's a permanent fix). Long story short, I'm happy that its working on the mac after puttering around on it all day. I certainly won't be one of the first to upgrade to PT12 when it come out with their track record of compatibility and slow updates...

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shellofme / chad everest 7yr+4mo ago
How can I help protool le8 find my missing files/waveforms in my saved mixes? It seems kind of random but, sometimes when I load a previously saved mix there are missing files that are greyed out. Sometimes protools finds them quickly and sometimes it seems it can't. Am I doing something wrong. Any help???

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DonnieAlan / Donnie Alan 7yr+5mo ago
For those wanting to get into Pro Tools, there's a new FREE version of it coming, called Pro Tools First. It'll be limited in features, but more than enough to get someone started.

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