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offthewall / James Fraser 8yr+1mo ago
Well ... the ole porch is filling up. Don't matter, there's plenty more chairs out back and beers are in the fridge. I've created a few lists under 'collaboration' tab. If anyone has a song, for which they are looking for musicians, feel free to link it to any of these lists. I plan on building a directory of talent that fits into these porch-like categories. I'll kick it off. All you have to do is submit your own details and we'll see if we can build something special here.

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offthewall / James Fraser 7yr+13mo ago
When we get a couple more 'instrumentalist' members I'm considering starting up a 'porch' project. I would kick it off with, say, a simple guitar chord pattern and then hope each member would add on to it. Sound like a plan? Any of you words-men like to come up with a Front Porch theme song?

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riboslav / Sinisa Petric 2mo+22dy ago
Here is something from my neck of the world. Tamburitza band "Gazde" (The Bosses) featuring late Neven Mijac, an extraordinary harmonica player in very interesting cross-over between Eastern Croatia folk/bluegrass/rock/blues. Great combination of traditional acoustic instruments and modern production. The song title is "It will be better".

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hollieolson / Hollie Olson 5mo+29dy ago
HEY ALL -a newer member (been here a couple of months) wrote some great holiday lyrics. I wrote music and whipped up a demo. Tried for something Christmas sounding but not the normal same old same old stuff... not sure if its good or not. (and disclaimer: sang the scratch vocal while sick, don't judge!) But I really want to get some guitars/mando, something with strings on it, to see where it could go and hopefully to where it could wrap up in time to get it out there this year. There is a chord chart/arrangement uploaded. PLEASE and THANK YOU.

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riboslav / Sinisa Petric 1 year ago
Hi guys, After more than 20 years of neglecting my primary instrument on which I acquired my classical music education, I finally decided to return to the violin. Since my old acoustic violin was completely deformed, I decided to buy an electric violin so that the neighbors wouldn?t complain: ?Who?s beating the cat?? There was a good opportunity on eBay and got the violin from Germany. Hand made beast with active pickup and 4-band eqalizer...not an ole porch fiddle, but nowadays, with digital modeling, it can sound almost acoustic. And now, back to basics (was my bow grip Franco-Belgian or Russian? I forgot). Empty strings first...scales in first position...and so on. Maybe I'll be able to play some decent improvisation after five, six months. Damned...and I used to play Grappelli hot jazz pieces...once.

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jimpollard / Jim Pollard 1yr+1mo ago
Hoping to inspire some of you to share your musical thoughts with me. Feel free to contribute.

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ckluesner / charles kluesner 1yr+1mo ago
This is just an informal observation from a newb here at Kompoz... I'm very much an amateur musician and have collaborated on only a few projects so far. I have two things to request: #1.) Can composers please add their songs chord progression or at least the songs key? #2.) Please resist the temptation to over-edit the music. My opinion is that songs can quickly lose their feeling or impact from over dubbing. I'm just sayen

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SmithandFischer / Tom and Jackie Fischer 1yr+3mo ago
Looking to make this an instrumental if possible. Hopefully there are some acoustic instrument players out there willing to jump in. Hope you like it!

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offthewall / James Fraser 2 years ago
Sorry it's been a while since I posted anything to my group. Maybe some of you would be interested in this Trad song. I wanted to do this version myself but what I've done is also to open it up for spin-offs. If any of you Trad players fancies doing something with it just take it for a spin. No need to ask permission. Just let me know. I've uploaded all seps along with a basic bed-track for you to start with. Have fun.

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Nicolej / Nicolej Brink 2yr+12mo ago
'Evening on the porch I'm looking to get this one re-recorded with real Guitars, banjos, mandos, dobros, fiddles or whatever you guys got laying around. Also some new vocal would be most welcome ;-)

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RickyD / Ricky Shaw 3yr+5mo ago
Looking for bass, fiddle and whatever is a good fit on this.

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SmithandFischer / Tom and Jackie Fischer 3yr+6mo ago
Lookin for some bluegrassers to jump in on this one in DM.

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