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liam1978 / Liam Stirland 6yr+3mo ago
Hello kompoz!! 36 year old guitarist, been playing around 20 years on and off, recorded, toured, retired! Been producing music around 16 years (8 years professionally) so I know my way around a studio, mixing console, sequencer, I have been looking for a site like this for a while, got a few ideas I wanna get to tape, can't sing, not too good with words but music writing and production is second nature to me I'm willing to work on anything!


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offthewall   commented 6yr+3mo ago

Welcome Liam. You should fit in real well around here. You'll find us a pretty easy going bunch (usually). Just take your time and browse around to find out how things work. If you need any help or advice to get started don't be afraid to ask. Either post here or PM me and I will do what I can. Good to have another Brit on board. James.


FUNKYBONESMusic   commented 6yr+3mo ago

Hi Liam Just want to echo James message and say hi, i'm fairly new too but if i can help in anyway just ask. Cheers Gaz


KingLarry   commented 6yr+3mo ago

Welcome. Liam. You'll have a good time here. What's so great about this site, everyone is good at something, and all pitch in when they can help.


AggroPhene   commented 6yr+3mo ago

I am glad to see more opportunities to write and sing for compositions and feel fortunate to have joined at the same time so much talent is joining Kompoz. Hope this growth represents an influx of better music to the world from the world.


Vixster   commented 6yr+3mo ago

Welcome Liam!