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ArcaneOrchestra / Jeff Spring 6yr+1mo ago
I created a blank project template for Cubase 8.05 (the latest) for song writing on Kompoz. You will find it in the Files section of the Cubase group. The BPM is set to 120 in 4/4 and it has 2 bars of pre-roll before song starts for your custom sync tone. The template contains the following items. 1 Ruler Track - This track is set to seconds and sits right under the default ruler markers. 1 Marker Track - A marker track with 4 example markers 1 Folder Track - This Folder Track is called Song Data and it should be closed so open it to see the contents. The folder contains the following items. 1 Transpose track - Useful for trying out key changes 1 Signature track - stores time signature changes 1 Tempo track - stores tempo changes 1 Arranger track - contains 4 example song sections 1 Chord Track - contains 4 example chord changes in C Major 1 Instrument Track - This track uses a groove agent VST that's setup with some MIDI data to create a guide track to export time and tempo changes to other DAWs and/or create a custom sync tone for the project. This template should make it easier for Cubase 8 users to export a guide track for time and tempo to use in their Kompoz projects.


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AggroPhene   commented 6yr+1mo ago

I have been exploring such methods to ensure that my Reason files can be distributed with components that will allow almost direct import into other Audio Workstation formats. Thanks for being an example to follow and I will let you know how these files equate to Reason generated ones and how universal that becomes upon import.