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Macilias / Maciek Niemczyk 1yr+5mo ago
The last few years I was working on a Ableton Live set, that I can totally control with my feat and play along with a guitar. It took a while to find the right approach and lot of failures and headaches but also fun on the way, but I finally finished it right on spot and presented it to the public on my 40th birthday. If you are interested in the workflow and or the lessons learned just ask, otherwise please enjoy the premiere!

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Vixster / Victor Brabble 6yr+12mo ago
Hot tip for free course:

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Twiggy5 / Twiggy Five 7yr+3mo ago
HEy I use ableton live LITE 8 and Im really having trouble figuring out how to make the new electronic drum set I bought work with impulse drum sounds I set. Like when I hit my real drums I want it to record the impulse sounds. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks

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zmarce / Marcelo Zallio 7yr+5mo ago
Anyone use owns impulse response to use with the max for live convolution reverb?

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zmarce / Marcelo Zallio 7yr+6mo ago
did you saw how wonderful is to edit drum track with the warp function?

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Cheri / Cheri Southam 7yr+6mo ago
Thanks for starting this, I'm getting mine in a week or two :) Any tips?

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