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MustaphaSnooze / Fred Jones 3yr+7mo ago
Hi ya'll, soon to be 57 in 6 days, and I love the oldies music, from the 50s right up to the late 60s, beyond that? Maybe a few good ones, but all the best music was only ever produced between the 50s and the 60s, I'm not hooked on the roaring 20s, 30s and 40s, the real music appeared in the 50s. Check out this oldie I composed some time a go, a bit reminiscent of the mid 60s:-

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simplechain / Brian Bergen 6yr+4mo ago
Ahhh crap...here's the song

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simplechain / Brian Bergen 6yr+4mo ago
A recent post about the importance of groups informs prompted me to post this here. This is a needy post...hehe... I need more people to listen to this song. The Vman and I worked really hard on it, and I personally subscribe to the philosophy that like trees falling in a forest, if a song is created and is not really listened to....yadayadayada.... Anyway...this is Hypnotique A journey through the mind of a privileged, predatory yet regretful womanizer, invoking emotions of intrigue, distaste and possible pity. This song is designed to infect your soul, and no amount of washing will clean it off anytime soon after hearing it. It was musically designed in deference to the great Depeche Mode, and the Vman and I are delighted to share this with you around All Hallows Eve. So please listen and comment on this project that was months in the making, and enjoy the lyrical storyline pasted in the comments below. :D

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simplechain / Brian Bergen 6yr+8mo ago
Attention OBGers: We have an all OBG collaboration entered into the Ice on the Beach contest. Song Title - Wow! Brannon-Instruments dogbizkits-Mix Simplechain- Vocals/Lyrics Show the love y'all: http://https://www.kompoz.com/music/collaboration/467283

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MattChristensen / Matt Christensen 6yr+9mo ago
What's up everybody? Long time no Kompozing on my part. Just wanted to let you know I'm gonna be having boy #2 tomorrow. Can't wait. Hope all is well with everyone. I just wish I could bring my instruments to the hospital. They might not like that too much though. Oh and by the way I don't consider myself an old fart yet maybe just a young fart. Miss you guys (and girls), -Matt-

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offthewall / James Fraser 6yr+9mo ago
Hey gang. Thought I'd better mosey over here and join up seeing as I was 65 a fortnight ago. Nice to see we got a good crusty old crowd in here. Could be a rival to my Front Porch.

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RONGGOWISNU / ronggowisnu prihadi 6yr+9mo ago
Hi everyone .. !! :D I am very happy to be here!

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GumGuru / Jack Watson 6yr+9mo ago
I think I have you all beat for "oldie":) Born in 1938,,,Let me see Hummm ...2014 minus 1938 leaves 76 years old... Grew up listening to big band music in the 40's and Rock & Roll in the 50's...Thank goodness for Kompoz and Kompozers... You all help me feel it's each day is a great day to be alive...

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JimCavanaugh / Jim Cavanaugh 6yr+9mo ago
I was just wondering...do you have bacon covered cannolis here?

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simplechain / Brian Bergen 6yr+9mo ago
Hehe....we're just veterans, that's all ;-)

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