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Histori4n / Nick wikubrata 4yr+8mo ago
Hey...Newbie here..

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francoiswaharte / Francois Waharte 5yr+3mo ago
hello, I hurt my left hand yesterday doing sport and I can't play guitar anymore for now :((( It is not severe but I don't know how much time it will take... I am typing with one hand :-P I stay connected though ;-)

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BBStar / Bernadette Sarratt 5yr+4mo ago
Hello, guys I can do some female vocals here for some of your worries I can belt out vocals for rock!! not like amy lee or lacuna , but close... Had some classical training... sent some seps on 2 songs.......

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FromDeathToAngelsBand / jj mcs 5yr+4mo ago
Ok everyone I wanna make a video of one of our best tracks just record a couple of clips playing ur instremental with the best hardcore cloths you may have I'll let you guys pick which track but like 5-30 second clips I wanna post it on YouTube or simply a music video just pretend to play in time of the track I'll send u my email address and I'll add the original music track with the video clips! Whatcha think????

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HeavyHeadDynasty / Ash Starr 5yr+4mo ago
holy shit this site get confusing.. Ive got soo much shit going on!

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FromDeathToAngelsBand / jj mcs 5yr+4mo ago
Ok everybody in the group I need written permission from everyone involved in our collaborations via kompoz email I still need vocals so I will wait but I will master engineer it and will suit it to a local radio station in my area via CD with the band bio I will also give kompoz credit for if not because kompoz none of this would be possible so a special thanks KOMPOZ!!!

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MikeJM / Mike Mantecon 5yr+4mo ago
Looks like we got a new member aboard (and an excellent one at that too)! Welcome aboard Josh :) Two great lead guitarists. Looks like we're going to have a Dave Murray/Adrian Smith thing goin' on here . . . awesome ;)

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FromDeathToAngelsBand / jj mcs 5yr+4mo ago
Looks like I might have to do vocals lol

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FromDeathToAngelsBand / jj mcs 5yr+4mo ago
Gentlemen we may have an acoustic guitar player for our upcoming acoustic tracks but yes franc my Man U will always be my main guitar man I think u and him will work great together see if he joins!

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MikeJM / Mike Mantecon 5yr+4mo ago
Welcome aboard Ash, great to have you here! :)

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