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LuisBorrego / Luis Borrego 4yr+9mo ago
I would like to ask a few questions in this forum, if anyone knows a solution. 1. Many audio interfaces using the FireWire (IEEE 1394 or i-Link) to connect to the computer (the M-AUDIO are an example). New computers do not incorporate this type of connection, what can we do? 2. If M-AUDIO does not update the drivers for the new operating systems we have another problem. I think the only solution is to take care of the devices we have now :)

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LuisBorrego / Luis Borrego 4yr+10mo ago

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LuisBorrego / Luis Borrego 4yr+10mo ago

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LuisBorrego / Luis Borrego 4yr+10mo ago
Hello, I use an M-AUDIO - FireWire 1814 is a superb product but now discontinued. Anyone know if there is a driver update for Windos 8.1? Possibly driver for 64-bit Windows 7 can run on Windos 8.1 but have not tried. Regards.

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RGBass / Rob Glass 4yr+10mo ago
I use a Profire 610 interface. So far I'm very pleased with it! Will be checking out their headphones too

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