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rockindrummer68 / Mark Van Der Linden 4yr+1mo ago
I'm still looking for a great production, mixing and mastering engineer to help me produce an album for an up an coming Chi Town rap artist named Prophet that I'm presently working with. Below is a pre produced Mp3 track that I did(just roughly) on my end of him in order to give a good engineer out there an idea of what he's going to sound like on one of the songs off of the album called "Prophet's Revenge". Hopefully someone fantastic will find him of some interest because personally I think he oozes with talent. If so please personally message me here on Kompoz and let me know if you would be interested regarding our inquiry! You must be good though and really be able to post produce from our pre produced demos and be able to mix and master well and have the equipment to do so. Thanks, Mark and Prophet :) P.S. By the way the Mp3 below is a low quality 192 Kbps Mp3 file just so you know, but whoever picks up the project will be working with at least 44,100 Khz 24 bit WAV files from us during the mixing process.



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