SHEEP! 2015 concept album project

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dundundun70 / Torri Shortall 3yr+10mo ago
I have a song I wrote called I love sheep. hehe. All my friends loved the song. Shall I send you the vocals on that then?

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Bradz69 / Craig Bradley 5yr+3mo ago
I sheepishly agree to Shepard my wooly ass into this no doubt insane flock and agree to be the speediest of the 'lambs' to the slaughter. Only cos Rolf is my kind of nut. And only if the project keeps this title! lol

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Rolf / neil wilson 5yr+3mo ago
All are welcome. The only requirement is that you're happy to work vaguely quickly. And embrace the daftness of this enterprise. What will happen ? No idea. Will we perhaps embrace the Shakesperian qualities of the lyrics of "Baa Baa, black sheep" or the sophistication of the chord structure of "Mary had a little lamb" ? We might....we just might

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Mysterian / Ian Middleton 5yr+3mo ago
So.. the countdown starts! What will happen?

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Created May 16, 2015 by Mysterian

Concept album: collaborators wanted...

May 21, and May 22

Every year I meet up with Rolf (Neil Wilson) for a few days and record new songs, compositions. so we're looking for any collaborators to help us. We write and record as we go along, and this year thought it would be fun to see if anyone fancies adding to tracks as they're demo-ed. 

The subject for this year's concept album will be.... sheep. I'm not sure I can quite remember why... so here are some more details...


Feel free to pitch in and help, any talent out there appreciated!


Ian (Mysterian)

ambient folk rock singer song writer