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TomyTomyTomy / Isabela Carter 3yr+8mo ago
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JoeKendrick / Joe Kendrick 5 years ago
Hey, to the Young Kompozers! I think this group needs it own anthem. We could all collaborate on it, and it could be a strengthening song to any young person with aspirations. I don't exactly have any ideas to start it off, but if anyone comes up with something, I'll be happy to jump onto their collaboration.

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JappaWakka / Jasper Speelman 5yr+2mo ago
Are there any punk/metal lovers in here? :) Could someone help me finish my song? The instruments are all programmed and the voices of my friend and me are not the best. This song could be so much more. Check my channel :D

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MikeJM / Mike Mantecon 5yr+2mo ago
Welcome aboard Tyler :D This group is really starting to grow!!

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MikeJM / Mike Mantecon 5yr+3mo ago
Have any of you guys had a collaboration with multiple Young Kompozers? Interested to know . . . that's always fun :) Here's one with me and the talented Joe - thanks for the awesome music goes to Tim :D

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MikeJM / Mike Mantecon 5yr+3mo ago
Oh yes I forgot, sorry . . . big welcome to the talented Sean and Josh!!! Woohoo what assets to this group - everyone who's coming aboard is an asset really :)

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JoeKendrick / Joe Kendrick 5yr+3mo ago
Cool idea for a group! I'm into it

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