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symbiose / Theo xxxx 2 years ago
SYMBIØSE - Deep Nirvana | Instrumental Version

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AncaMihaela16 / Anca Mihaela 2yr+1mo ago
After two weeks of intense work, I am really happy with the results. A huge THANK YOU to all the artists involved in this project. I URGE YOU Written and recited by Anca Mihaela Bruma Starring Roberta Di Laura Musical background by: 1. Nigel Robinson - Scotland (United Kingdom): electric piano, strings and clock effects 2. Juan Jose Garcia - Madrid (Spain): drums 3. Francesco Mega - Grosseto (Italy): acoustic guitar 4. Joel Hall - Ferndale (WA United States of America): trumpet 5. Jan Kopcak) - Kosice (Slovakia): saxophone 6. Johnny Alich - Chișinău (Moldova Republic): tracks mix

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Captainzero / Peter Guyenette 2yr+6mo ago
Edna Documentary - Part 1

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Captainzero / Peter Guyenette 2yr+6mo ago
Watch this space for the triumphant return of Edna ...

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SKARD / SKARD band 3yr+3mo ago
the music of Skard long live rock & roll

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Captainzero / Peter Guyenette 3yr+8mo ago
We have unfortunately had to disband the radio station due to personal reasons. Thanks to all those who helped and supported us. If anyone would like to carry the flame and continue to run gigbag we'd be really happy to hear it, so don't hesitate to contact us to work something out, or by all means go ahead and create something for yourself. We had a great time doing it and you all are so wonderful and talented. Thanks again everyone!

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Captainzero / Peter Guyenette 3yr+9mo ago
Gig Bag Radio Christmas Episode on Youtube now!! .. Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss any episodes!

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shellofme / chad everest 3yr+9mo ago
Thanks so much GBR!!!!! Love,Love,Love what you do! Keep'em coming.

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OregonGuy / Terry Campbell 3yr+10mo ago
I am very interest in this!

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Captainzero / Peter Guyenette 3yr+10mo ago
Sorry gang, no new episode this week or next week, just going to continue running the current one. I'm going to hospital to get some surgery on my back. Will be back as soon as I can!

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