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KiwiRob / Rob Greaney 4yr+12mo ago
I discovered this lovely lady 'Azam Ali' a few months ago and I think she's an amazing example of modern and classical ME music. Hope you enjoy it and anyone can reproduce the beat she's playing on the Rebana I'd be thrilled to hear it.

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offthewall / James Fraser 4yr+12mo ago
Hi Rob. I'm joining up here purely because I love those M/E sounds and the emotion that seems to be generated in a lot of this music. About 10 years back I went to a class to learn penny-whistle (Irish style). Whilst there I met an Iranian chap who played their version of a lute. He tried a few times to get me to play along with him in the whistle but it was usually a failure. When we went in to the basis of things it turned out that his lute had no frets and he was playing in his 'native' style which includes not only half notes but quarter notes as well. Now a standard penny-whistle is totally diatonic and each key-pitched instrument can only play in limited variations. It was disappointing as we both were quite built up to producing some sort of multi-cultural blend. I suppose that, if we had more time, we could have sorted something out but like a lot of things it was a passing moment. I now have introduced my bouzouki into a number of projects, here at Kompoz, which have an Eastern feel and have just acquired a sitar which I am in the process of restoring and restringing. Let's see where it leads.

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KiwiRob / Rob Greaney 4yr+12mo ago
I work from home and sometimes I just need a focus shift and I find that making a recording really helps. So this piece just came together in about 2 hours. This is my first offering to the Middle Eastern Music Lover's Group. Ahlan Wasahlan means 'Welcome' in Arabic and I guess it's a very appropriate song title. Please feel free to suggest any additions to the piece. I think it may sound good with a string section and some sustained wind instruments. Rob

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Created March 18, 2016 by KiwiRob

As the name suggests this is a place for those who love Middle Eastern sounds and for those wanting to learn more about it. An opportunity to swap thoughts, learn about Phrygian and Persian scales and hopefully instruments that to all intents and purposes have been kept from the Western world.  I'm also hoping in my heart that tis will be an opportunity for those from the Middle East, Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, Jordan and any other part of the world influenced by Middle Eastern sounds like Turkey, Pakistan and the Balkans to come in and mix it up.
Let me know if I can help.
Kiwi Rob

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