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BurntWill / burnt will 1yr+5mo ago
Thanks for the invite.

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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 1yr+5mo ago
Amazing solo vox beatboxer.... I've seen many vocal beatboxers on the streets of NYC, also Rahzel as part of a music fest up in Quebec, but this Voltak guy is taking it to a whole new level..

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MrJinx68 / Louis Marchena 1yr+7mo ago
Alrighty then.... How many of us Vocalists & Songwriter-Lyricists feel a bit used by the system? We find music we enjoy, then work our pens & voices off to create a great melody for someone to utilize in their collaboration. But how many of have our own creations looked over because it's "just a vocal idea"? We find it hard to get a collaboration from others looking at our stuff & saying..."I can make a song from that!". Well, it's about time we Vocalists show 'em what we can create.! I'd love to see more posts where our vocal ideas come to life. I wrote a song this afternoon, after the events of the Charlottesville, NC protests. Let's try to create some buzz around what can do....instead of just waiting for a song that our lyrics can "fit"...

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Zaydex / Iden Chio 1yr+7mo ago
Hello, was wondering if I could get some tips on creating some nice melodic vocals for this track of mines

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Skookum / Janine B 1yr+9mo ago
Hi Vocalists, I also made this post in the vocals group but I thought I?d repost here. I want to share a couple of videos that I found really helpful. Unfortunately, you'll need to sign up to the Lynda website but fortunately, they have a 30 day trial. Good tips on tracking, backing vocals and how to clean your tracks up. He also gives an shows how different parts of the voice sound in different EQ ranges. So if you have a nasal or boxy voice, what you can do to improve the sound. How to use compression, reverb & delay. Really helpful! They have 2 video courses on vocal tips and editing: https://www.lynda.com/Audio-Engineering-tutorials/Vocal-Production-Techniques/490886-2.html https://www.lynda.com/Logic-Pro-tutorials/Vocal-Production-Techniques-Editing-Mixing-Logic-Pro/490922-2.html https://www.lynda.com/Pro-Tools-tutorials/Vocal-Production-Techniques-Editing-Mixing-Pro-Tools/490923-2.html https://www.lynda.com/Studio-One-tutorials/Vocal-Production-TechniquesEditing-Mixing-Studio-One/490924-2.html Good tips on tracking, backing vocals and how to clean your tracks up. He also gives an shows how different parts of the voice sound in different EQ ranges. So if you have a nasal or boxy voice, what you can do to improve the sound. How to use compression, reverb & delay. Really helpful!

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xd238 / Ken Shabby - livin' up in d-Attic 1yr+11mo ago
Best vocal recording mics under $700 https://ehomerecordingstudio.com/best-vocal-mics/ There is a lower Neumann model TLM 102. Myself someday would like a Shure SM7B :D

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catfishsmith / Alex Smith 2 years ago
Also here is a masterclass in singing from a man i think is the greatest singer alive today. I have never been to a show where the artist got a standing ovation from every song until i witnessed martin sexton.

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catfishsmith / Alex Smith 2 years ago
Hey all just picked up a universal audio la 610 mk11. Excited to use it. I have been using mainly plug ins. But the more i read the more i hear "use a channel strip", or certain peices of hardware...compressors, pre amps, limiters, eq's. it will probably take a couple months to get a small body of work(vocals) to compare to my previous recordings. some of my gear i use mic - aventone cv12 interface - audient daw - studio one (of course)LOL computer (the beast)

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MiketheGentleman / Mike Blumke 2yr+2mo ago
I think this group can help me... HELP!!! I have a serious problem with a loud song... I'm doing loud vocals and I have headphone bleed into the mic... I have turned down my pre amp gain and still get it... I can't listen to it so quite that I can't hear it because I lose all of the energy behind the vocals? I'm using a dynamic mic (mid grade) and just bought a mid-grade quality Studio headphone... Would a condenser mic help or what other advice would you give?

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ARA9 / Alan Abernethy 2yr+4mo ago
I like this group. I like the idea of this group, and even more, I like that I was invited to join... so, while I'm in an enforced exile from Kompoz due to a lack of a home studio, I would say this... if you're going to sing, then freakin' sing. Regardless of equipment, acoustics of your room, etc, give it your all. While you're trying to emulate Rhianna or Freddy Mercury, don't just try, but, in your little enclosed home studio, BE Rhianna or Freddy Mercury... Have the SWAGGER even if you're not technically correct, or pitch perfect... What I've observed on this site, is that most musicians don't want someone perfect, just someone who gives it their all. Pretty sure Micheal Hutchence wasn't much of a singer... Hell of a vocalist, tho'. Oh, and not saying I'm perfect, cos' I know I ain't. Cheers A

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Created June 10, 2016 by xd238

This forum is for vocalists and vocal mixers to discuss recording tips and techniques.  

Vocal music theory, recording, gear, mixing techniques are the topics here. Newcomers are welcome.

We are here to exchange tips and tricks. I myself can't completely call myself an expert here, although I am a vocalist that usually does do his own vocal mixes, with a decent variety of gear and techniques for recording and mixing -- there is always something to be learned.

Please do not solicit help on specific tracks in this forum.

I hope to gain followers that might not be interested in getting all of the solicitations for vocal help in their activity stream. The idea of this forum is to separate out posts from the "Vocals" group, for those who are interested in process, rather than the "Vocals" group where people often are soliciting vocal help on specific tracks.   I believe that group should exist for that reason, but I hope that people join here for process and tips.  

Any "Help Wanted" posts should be about recording itself, not soliciting vocal help on specific tracks.

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