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eamonncake / Eamonn Dillon 1yr+7mo ago
Hello all, My name's Eamonn, I'm a piano player, rhythm guitar player and singer from Tipperary in the middle of Ireland, currently living in Dublin. For most of my 20s, I played full time with a cover band and played all over the west of Ireland before coming to Dublin. Since living in Dublin, I've had another job and not been as busy with music and I've decided I'd like to get back into it: however I think my days of playing Top 40 covers are behind me and I'd really like to write my own music. My influences are classic rock, 60s pop/British invasion, soul music, punk, metal, post punk, 80s alternative rock. As I get older I move more towards folk, country and roots rock, particularly as it seems to suit my voice and the kind of emotional tone I like in music and think that I could represent in mine. Even though it's maybe a little cliched, I think I'd fit the mold of sensitive singer-songwriter well from a marketing perspective, if that ever became important. I've written music on and off over the years with various different people for various different projects but none of them ever really clicked. After another collaboration recently I feel that I've validated a long held belief - I'm not really inspired to tell stories, but if I have a story to work from I can make a good song out of it; in other words if I have a good lyric I can make a good song out of it. I'm looking for lyricists who would be interested to send me some lyrics that I could adapt into songs. My long term goal is to make an album (I'm old fashioned like that) that I'd be really proud of. Obviously, I'd like to make money from it too but after years of playing Tina Turner and Adele covers if I made something of my own that I was proud of I'd die a happy man. If anybody likes what they hear and would like to collaborate get in touch.


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