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eamonncake / Eamonn Dillon 1yr+7mo ago
Sent the wrong link there (good song though) This is me


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MrMom   commented 1yr+7mo ago

Good stuff, Eamonn! I sent you a message with a few random lyrics, have tons to share... or create new ones on the fly. I love to write to other singers "la,la, la's". Cheers, John


tankatoo   commented 1 year ago

Dear Eamonn, my name is an'ya, I'm of Irish heritage (way back), and am currently writing lyrics in search of someone to play and sing them. They are on an emotional level which I think would match your vibe. My email is if you care to contact me. I'm new to Kompoz so not entirely sure how the whole thing works. Anyway, an'ya