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PaigeStormblade / Paige Stormblade 12mo+3dy ago
hi, all thanks for taking part in the group I'm soooo sorry, trying to be a CEO of my business and a musician is hard, though I could write some darken lyrics at this time because I have been so down and out on things around here. I'm trying to find a place to live. I have been feeling I have become a burden on my parents as it is, they even went the extra mile to let me build my studio/office server room in the basement. But, I just need my own space. if I had a passport id leave the USA cause it just seems no one is into my style of music anymore. I don't play anything really I do pick on the bass and do well. But, I lost it and it's gone I had to pawn it to eat, months back my husband and I split and well I was left with nothing. so I sold the bass to eat re-bought new gear again for the 3rd time yea just so happens can't trust the ones you love no more. but hope all is well ROck On I'm working on a song with a few others now I just haven't felt like doing anything anymore.



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