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VocalRun / Vocal Run 2mo+24dy ago
The new rack is on the wall. The Strat has a really skinny head and is heavy. I will take it down, now. Has anyone traded out the Diamond Life hangers. *Yeah, gotta get the end caps still.

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jannik / Jannik Gade 2mo+27dy ago
I built a desk out of old cabinets + a top plate that I bought. Think I got away with it fairly well although there are always some things which can be improved. Looking forward to trying it out and see if I can make some improvements :) PS: Please ignore the dimensions marked on the schematics as they got messed up when I scaled it for the picture.

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jannik / Jannik Gade 1yr+1mo ago
Here's my studio: living room whenever it's not occupied by... well any activity that goes on in the 50m^2 apartment :P

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nemonty / NE MONTY 2yr+6mo ago
Just another shot of the studio :)

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VocalRun / Vocal Run 2yr+9mo ago
The Outer Studio. Yes, I know it needs a decorator. I would put things in the closet, which is pretty empty, but I sing in there and on occasion, find it a noiseless resting place. ;) But I keep the guitars and the mic out in the summer, because the closet is way too hot and humid. It's 100 degrees out, right now.

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nemonty / NE MONTY 2yr+9mo ago
This is my sax recording setup at home, the iPad is used to remotely control the DAW. A great tool if your using a vocal booth too.

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