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offthewall / James Fraser 8mo+11dy ago
Posted this tour of my studio the other week in the general community page but thought, if it was here, it may encourage other members to try something similar. Who's next?


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VocalRun   commented 8mo+11dy ago

I can?t wait to open this. I?m on the small screen and I?m going upstairs to turn on the big screen to view this. The soundtrack is wonderful. Oh, my other comment did not post. Thank you for sharing this room. It is amazing.

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jannik   commented 4mo+28dy ago

Wonderful James! My studio only consist of one small room which doubles as an office. It would be a short tour hehe ;) Thanks for sharing your creative space! :)

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offthewall   commented 4mo+27dy ago

Thanks for watching and making comments. :))


nemonty   commented 2mo+11dy ago

This is very cool, and probably looks like a lot of our play stations. Thanks for the tour!