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marshall2550 / Michael Roe 2yr+10mo ago
Got another amp on trade recently. I traded my Jubilee and got some cash too. Very unique sounding amp. It uses KT66 PTs and has a rectifier tube. Please excuse my "had too many beers" playing on this :) Can you believe the strat sound outta this amp? Blows me away!


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sriracha   commented 2yr+10mo ago

wow - great hard rock tone right outta the gate on that. responds really well to the level knob changes. smooths out nice with the screamer as well! and yeah - it really brings the twang out in a nice way on the strat. I think it served the PRS the best IMO.


marshall2550   commented 2yr+10mo ago

Yeah, that PRS sounds good on everything! My new favorite guitar! This isn't so much a heavy palm muting chugger of an amp but, I may try one of those "Yellowjackets" tube rectifier to SS rectifier adapters to see if it will tighten it up and make the amp chug.