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marshall2550 / Michael Roe 2yr+9mo ago
Hey guys, I need help from a Mac user. I need a Mac beta tester for this new Ignite IR player. I have two versions. An x86 / x64 Audio Unit & a VST 3 version. Any takers??


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rhythmicdevil   commented 2yr+9mo ago

I dont have a Mac. But my good friend Steve does, and he's a guitar player and engineer. A trifecta for your test.

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Rowin   commented 2yr+9mo ago

I use a mac Mike. And more than willing to help you, anytime!


marshall2550   commented 2yr+9mo ago

Oh, cool man! I will email it to you.


Macilias   commented 11mo+3dy ago

I`m a mac user too