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IrishMusicNerd / Danielle Vergara 2yr+9mo ago
Hi all, I was wondering if any of you would like to contribute to a collaboration I made. I'm currently looking for tunes that will go well with the tune "The Kesh Jig."

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offthewall / James Fraser 4yr+3mo ago
Sorry I been quiet of late. Hope to be over that darn 'flu now so should be getting back to music. Here is a tune which you may like to add to: http://

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seanmcgrath42 / Sean McGrath 4yr+6mo ago
I added a new tune today : The Coolin Also I started accumulating trad stuff on the links tab for this group. http://

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BurneyWarren / Burney Warren 4yr+6mo ago
I would like to connect with my Irish heritage by listening, learning and maybe recording some good ones. I have lots to learn. So, any help and suggestions to get involved with a project would be great. I play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar and sing. Lets have some fun.

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seanmcgrath42 / Sean McGrath 4yr+6mo ago
Added a slow air - The Parting Glass http://

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offthewall / James Fraser 4yr+6mo ago
Hi guys, Just for fun I've started off a private project and added you all in. This is really digging up a few tunes I did years ago with the view to pulling them to bits and building new parts around them, as the basic groundwork is already established. I've started it off wit Carollan's Lord Inchiquin. All the details are in the project. Have fun. I'll be sending some more in the coming weeks. http://

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staffhouston / Stafford Houston 4yr+6mo ago
Hey Sean - definitely interested. Both of the collabs I have been involved in have been ITM: http:// http:// Cooleys reel (#2) never made it to completion. I may re-record guitar and banjo to try and kick start it again. Please do keep us updated here with any new undertakings would be happy to contribute. Thanks, Stafford

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offthewall / James Fraser 4yr+7mo ago
Great idea for a group Sean. I'm up for most types of trad music as long as it ain't too fast. That Arthur Itis keeps slowing me down!

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Created October 7, 2016 by seanmcgrath42

There are literally *thousands* of wonderful old tunes that are often collectively referred to as  Irish Traditional Music but would perhaps be better called "Celtic" (Ireland, Scotland, Novia Scotia, Brittany, Wales etc.)

This group is for musicians interested in playing the tune melodies but also interested in the harmonic possibilities for backing the tunes with chords and percussion.

In a typical Irish Traditional Music "session" multiple melody players would play the tune. Typically tunes are played 3 times around and joined into sets that have 3 or more tunes in each set.






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