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harperjohn / John Rogers 1 year ago
I'm back... Well I never actually left... I was just "quiet"... well... I was quiet here, but I have been busy playing at local jams, etc. I am a little bummed that over 2 years has gone by since my last activity here. I am going to "shake it off" and make a new start! Peace - John

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joel_sattlersongs / Joel Sattler 3yr+7mo ago
That left brain-right brain shit really works !

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offthewall / James Fraser 3yr+7mo ago
Hey John. If I get any of that stuff on my hands will it improve my guitar picking? Looking forward to watching how you build your space here, my friend.

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Created February 26, 2017 by harperjohn

I recently read a very interesting book:


With a very interesting experiment/story:


Across the world through Kompoz, and all the way down to the jam at my local pub, and probably in all the artistic circles in between... there seems to be a clustering at each extreme end of artist output. At one end, people seem to be almost unimaginably prolific, and at the other end people seem to be almost paralyzed... At Kompoz, I feel that I am suffering from some of that self imposed paralysis. I have broken through some of that paralysis at the local jam, by just jumping up on stage and letting the notes float (or sink) where they may, and it has been very educational.

Perfectionism is not a beneficial habit... Even when people admit to perfectionism as a "failing"... they still feel (or imply) in some way that it is helpful... The book explains this nicely!

The members at Kompoz are very friendly and welcoming... so this fear is mostly self imposed.

However, as open and forgiving as members/projects are - the primary focus of most collaborations is a completed song and for me that has felt a bit like trying to jump on an already spinning merry-go-round, without slowing it down... I don't feel that I have enough experience to get running fast enough along side the song to jump on and (quickly) have a positive impact. I know this is just fear... mostly unfounded fear... but it is real and it is common. The book describes this... and a quick look at a random sample of Kompoz user stats will support it too.

I am thinking of this group/place as the musical equivalent of a "batting cage", "driving range" or "wood shed", with the freedom afforded by the "rough draft", "sloppy copy" or "brain storming" activity. A place to let go of the "end goal" and just focus on the steps and the process. A place to "get in shape" or just "gain confidence" so that I can show up to the game ready to go!

Know thyself and love thyself.

We are all "where we are"... we must face it, embrace it, and move forward.

This is a place for my 50 pounds of music and I invite you to forge your 50 pounds of music here too!

Lets be perfectly imperfect together!



- John

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