Herbs and Spices (Concept Album 10-15 May 2017)

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Iblue / Angie I is for Irene 3yr+2mo ago
Hello friends.. Ugg .. I so want to jump on this herb and spices train!! Sounds so fun.. :))) time!!! Excellent friends!! :) Today I visited the serpent mound in southern Ohio and discovered an old Indian trail goes thru the blue family farm .. Next years all the mounds from the heart of Ohio .. :))

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GoYeah / Luc Goyer 3yr+2mo ago
Got a few SONG TITLES : Cinnamonized Mix it in The legend of Sage Curry Just a pinch A bit of love to taste Dried and ready

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Rolf / neil wilson 3yr+2mo ago
I've added some photos that are possibly better, according to the Internet. http://https://www.kompoz.com/music/group/758556/photos

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Mysterian / Ian Middleton 3yr+2mo ago
Herbs (and spices). Recording starts tomorrow, after about 3pm... any requests? Any musical styles preferred? Of course, there'll be some weedy folk, light ambient, supper club jazz, melodic rock, indie and Chinese alt, I reckon...

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