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Ahya / Alberto Cavalcoli 2yr+3mo ago
my music sciamanic yoga relax for luck and happyness

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Ahya / Alberto Cavalcoli 2yr+3mo ago
my music

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Ahya / Alberto Cavalcoli 2yr+3mo ago
my music my musi

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Created May 26, 2017 by Ahya

I like to compose music similar to that made up of the haya band. I am looking for collaborators who share the same passion for the music of inner Mongolia, the tuva republic. The songs are music made in adoration of the amthaba bhudda and are songs on Buddhist background. Very slow, where the touch is important, the feeling, not the competition but the collaboration, without any ego. Looking for a singer better than a woman (and not only) who has the same vocal and almost compositional skills of daiqing thana (la Singer of the haya band) immeeous opuers, who know the throat singing of the inner mongolia. I make simple arpeggios for classical guitar and I have a lot of knowledge in this field. Then I would need a moriin khuur player (for solo guitar solo) and a percussionist who sounds a few notes at the right point with the right touch. My motto is: "Spiritual directions without chains" shared with haya band. My name is Alberto Cavalcoli and I live in Verona Italy, I have no problem traveling if it is paid for travel and overnight. Blessing Amithaba

Alberto Cavalcoli

Plese listen y medomo at comunity 27 may from 00.45 to 01.13 published

Town Verona

Street Via pieve di cadore 7

Country Italy

Cell: 039 3484118408

fb Channell https://www.facebook.com/SilentSky1970

fb fan page www.facebook.com/SoundOfMunkhKhuhTe

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